October Giving Circle: Resilient Communities


LBBPhotography by Louisiana Bucket Brigade

October Giving Circle: Fueled by Resilient Communities

1% for the Planet Giving Circles bring individuals together to discuss climate solutions, learn about Trust Based Philanthropy and make a collective donation to an environmental partner of their choice.

This October, 22 individuals participated in the Giving Circle from across the world, connecting and discussing through a Zoom collaboration. The single session was structured to help individuals expand their knowledge of climate solutions with a focus on Resilient Communities. Diving into everything from climate-related hazards to natural disasters, the group learned about philanthropic best practices to decide where to make their collective donation.

Thanks to resources provided by Philanthropy Together, an organization growing the Giving Circle movement, and Grapevine, a platform for Giving Circles, we were able to facilitate a meaningful collective giving experience.


Louisiana Bucket Brigade

bike-tour-1-768x511@2xPhotography by Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Using five guiding values – community, accountability, transparency, sustainability and equity – the group chose to support the Louisiana Bucket Brigade with a grant of $5,248.60. The New Orleans-based environmental partner can use the funds toward supporting their mission of holding the petrochemical industry and government officials accountable for fossil fuel pollution.

The Giving Circle wrapped up with plenty of connection, reflection and gratitude for the impact of collective action. One Giving Circle participant shared their thoughts on why the Louisiana Bucket Brigade's work is so essential:

“You are taking a stand, and you engage your community to join you. By giving your community knowledge, you are making long-lasting changes beyond measure."


Join our next Giving Circle

To participate in the next quarter’s Giving Circle, send a message to individuals@onepercentfortheplanet.org including your full name!

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