Good for business, good for the planet: how certification adds up


OXO and Trust for Public Lands teams holding up a banner with their logos after a corporate volunteer day.


1% for the Planet Business members are creating measurable environmental impact by committing 1% of annual sales to vetted Environmental Partners. Making environmental giving part of your business strategy isn't just the right thing to do—it also boosts sales, helps you meet your marketing goals and enhances your company culture. 

1% for the Planet member OXO (pictured above volunteering with their Environmental Partner Trust for Public Land), has volunteered more than 900 hours with nonprofits in the 1% for the Planet network—in addition to their monetary donations. OXO has integrated their environmental commitment into their business strategy, and have seen an increase in engagement on social media, as well as a company-wide excitement for giving back.


"Home has always been the center of OXO’s world. When we joined 1% in 2019, home was, and remains, more important than ever. We also think a lot about the home we all share—the planet. 1% for the Planet has allowed us to connect to more people and organizations in order to make sure that we can make the everyday better for decades to come —for the home, and for our planet—the home we all share."


Hear from six more 1% for the Planet members on how membership has positively impacted business: 


Headshot and quote from Barny Dillarstone, founder of Twio: “Oliver Co. ran a campaign throughout July in partnership with twio, attaching a 1% for the Planet eligible £5 donation to sales of their most popular product using twio's technology. Oliver Co AB tested the impact of this 'donation reward' on sales using Google Optimise.   The donation offer reduced bounce rate by 24% and increased session revenue by 89%.­”

Headshot and quote from Shae Sattler, Partnerships & Community Manager at Outer: Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we have created impactful and informative ads which have delivered, year after year. In general, our 1% for the Planet ads see a 6X higher click-through rate than non-1% for the Planet ads, are 25% more efficient spend, and result in a 2X higher overall return.­


Headshot and quote from Anne Marisic, Partnerships and Communications at Maine Beer Company: “Our 1% for the Planet giving is tied into everything we do, and we repeatedly hear from customers that it is something that matters to them and influences their decision making when it comes to purchasing beer.”


Headshot and quote from Darin Dougherty, Marketing Director at­ Union Wine Company: “In a recent HR company wide survey, over 90% of our employees felt it was important for our company to support environmental nonprofits.”


Headshot and quote from Jessica Hann, SVP, Brand + Sustainability at Avocado Green Brands: “We see 1% as Avocado’s advocacy or activism “plug in”. It connects us to a vetted army of nonprofits that are doing the work we want to support. With the 1% team’s help, we can quickly find the right resource to help support the issue we are looking to publicly support . It allows us to be nimble and reactive and truly live our values out in real time.”


Headshot and quote from Anna Rawlins, Marketing Director at ENO: ­“We launched an entire collection, ENO Giving Back Hammock Collection, designed to support our partners from 1% for the Planet with a portion of proceeds from each hammock sold going back to the respective organizations. The program is trackable and we see great support for our partnership hammocks.”