What does it mean to be a 1% for the Planet® Environmental Partner?

Approved Environmental Partners are eligible to receive donations from 1% for the Planet businesses and individuals, on behalf of members’ annual 1% commitment. Members give directly to approved Environmental Partners and 1% for the Planet certifies the donation(s). Environmental Partners are not responsible for confirming donations with 1% for the Planet, that is the responsibility of the business or individual.

How does an organization become an Environmental Partner?

At this time, environmental organizations seeking to join 1% for the Planet must be referred by a current 1% for the Planet business member who plans to support them. Members may recommend environmental organizations via the member portal.

We do not have a public application and are not accepting new nonprofits outside of member recommendations at this time. Environmental organizations that have been recommended to the network will receive a link to our Environmental Partner application. 

Being recommended as an Environmental Partner does not guarantee that the referred organization is eligible to join the 1% for the Planet network. We determined eligibility upon reviewing each application. Please contact with any questions.


Do you have eligibility guidelines to reference?

Yes. Approved 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners are vetted environmental organizations with a clear environmental focus. Approved environmental partners are eligible to receive certifiable funding from our members. This page outlines 1% for the Planet’s Environmental Partner eligibility guidelines.

Are there fees associated with becoming a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner?

It is free to join 1% for the Planet as an eligible environmental partner! All we ask is that environmental partners remain engaged by keeping their accounts up to date (see question below on expectations); this will help maximize opportunities for funding and other support from our members.

Where can I view 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner terms and conditions?

Here is 1% for the Planet’s Environmental Partner Agreement. In order to become an official partner, organizations must agree to the terms and conditions. Signing the Environmental Partner Agreement is part of the aforementioned application process . Please contact with any questions. 

What are the expectations of being a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner?

1% for the Planet aims to keep partnerships as low-lift as possible. That being said, we do ask nonprofits to complete a few steps to keep their account up to date. To be an approved partner, organizations must also sign our Environmental Partner Agreement.

Additionally, we ask that organizations update and maintain their public-facing directory page and regularly update their Partnership Advising Questionnaire. The questionnaire collects specific environmental partner information that we can share with interested members. Once approved as an official 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner, organizations can access the questionnaire and other resources within our portal.
Do Environmental Partners have any responsibility to 1% for the Planet once a member has donated to them?

Each relationship between a member and Environmental Partner is unique. 1% for the Planet asks that the Environmental Partner acknowledge member support as you would any donation, and remain responsive to supporting members and 1% for the Planet staff. We’ve outlined the full list of Environmental Partner responsibilities in the Environmental Partner Agreement.

How do Environmental Partners receive support from business members?

1% for the Planet serves as a connector, certifier and amplifier—not a grantor. When a member chooses to support an Environmental Partner, they will do so directly via our monetary or non-monetary giving options. We do not require members to mention that a donation is a part of their 1% commitment, though often they will and we encourage them to do so. 

In addition, 1% for the Planet staff will often make direct introductions between members and Environmental Partners, as a part of our partnership advising service.

1% for the Planet provides partnership advising to business members to help them identify their giving goals and strategy, and select nonprofits to support accordingly. As such, we simply ask our Environmental Partners to provide us with as much information as possible about their programming, funding needs, and partnership opportunities, so that we can appropriately recommend them to business members. We collect this information via our Partnership Advising Questionnaire, available to approved Environmental Partners in the portal.


Is there an average donation amount 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners can expect to receive as a part of partnership with 1% for the Planet?

There is no expected donation amount that 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners can expect to receive from their partnership. Members of varying revenue & salary sizes are donating directly to 1% for the Planet Environmental Partners in various quantities. Becoming a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner does not guarantee any support, but partnership does make you eligible to receive donations from 1% for the Planet businesses, on behalf of members’ annual 1% commitment.

How can an environmental partner refer existing donors to 1% for the Planet individual or business membership?

We recommend directing individuals and businesses to learn more and explore our Planet Impact Fund, Giving Circles, or business member form.

If I have an environmental partner question, whom should I contact?

Please send questions to

Having trouble finding the answer to your question? Contact us. Please allow us 48 hours to follow up due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about 1% for the Planet. We can’t grow this global movement without you!