What does it mean to be a 1% for the Planet Individual Member?



What does it mean to be a 1% for the Planet Individual Member?


You care about our planet and want to have a positive impact, but what is the best way to spend your time and money to make real change? When you join 1% for the Planet as an individual member, you join a solutions-centric global community funding the nonprofit organizations that are fighting for our future. You also gain access to our expert partnership advising to help you find your perfect nonprofit match.

How does it all work?

Our individual member program was designed to offer flexible giving options and streamlined ways to give back. Each individual member has their own set of values and a unique giving strategy. No matter what your guiding principles and philanthropic goals may be, the program is designed to help you bring them to life.


“I am a member of 1% for the Planet because I believe that the world's largest issues can only be solved together—with everyone contributing what they can. As an individual member, I have had the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded people, who have taught me more about environmental giving. This network continues to inspire me to be better and do more for our planet."

– 1% for the Planet Individual Member CJ Palting

Our global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofits is advancing a full spectrum of environmental solutions. We offer a range of events and opportunities for our community to network, such as our Global Social Hours and Our Planet Talks that feature leaders in environmental action—all to bring members together and draw inspiration from fellow changemakers around the world. Members of our network often collaborate and use shared goals to take action, maximizing their impact and putting more hands to work protecting our planet.

Communicating your membership with our logo also effectively shares your values and inspires others to take action alongside you. Individual membership is a conversation-starter, a community-builder and a climate-action-catalyzer.


Everyone has a 1%, but not everyone has the same values, priorities or giving goals. That's why the program was designed to offer flexible giving options—no two individual members are the same. As an individual member, you gain access to our expert advising to help you build your giving strategy around your unique values.

Our team is here to offer as much or as little support as you need choosing your nonprofit partner(s) and aligning your giving with the environmental issues you care about the most. With multiple ways to give, everyone has the opportunity to create a strategy that's right for them.


Each individual member gives 1% of their annual salary/income. How you allocate and distribute that 1%? Up to you. With four unique ways to give and the option to divide your giving between them, you have the power to choose exactly where your support is going.


Monetary donation: Donate directly to the nonprofit(s) you want to support within our network of approved environmental nonprofit partners. By making the donation directly, you know that your support is going straight to the issues you care about the most.

Volunteer hours: Your commitment can also be met through volunteer hours, valued at $29 USD/hour. This means that you can get out there and get your hands dirty supporting approved nonprofits in their work. 

Planet Impact Portfolio: The Planet Impact Portfolio is the easiest and most streamlined way to give back. When you donate to the portfolio your contribution supports nonprofits in each of our six key issue areas. 

Giving Circle: New this year, the Giving Circle brings together individual members to give a collective grant to a nonprofit of their choosing—amplifying their impact while building connections around shared values. If you're interested to learn more or participate, please email individuals@onepercentfortheplanet.org.

You can meet your 1% commitment through any combination of monetary and volunteer support. To find your 1%, check out our commitment calculator.

Once you’re ready to join, the first step is paying your annual membership dues, which start at $50. From there, you can build your donation strategy and choose your nonprofit partner(s) from our network of approved environmental nonprofits. Need some help deciding? That’s what we’re here for.



Every member of the 1% for the Planet network has a why—the driving force behind their commitment to giving back. You know why you want to protect our planet. We're here to help you put those values to work. Becoming an individual member gives you the opportunity to turn your why into tangible action and be part of the solution.

Still have questions about individual membership or need some more information before getting started? Head over to our frequently asked questions.


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