Welcome New Members! (September 2020)


Welcome to the movement! 131 new members join 1% for the Planet in September.

This September, 131 new members from 18 countries committed to giving their 1% to the planet. Join us in welcoming these new members!

UNITED STATES: 45 members from 21 states



Great Bear Wax Co.: Handmade candles. Refillable eco friendly homegoods.



Big Ass Soap Company: Selling 1lb bars of soap and body wash 

Wander Design Co.: "For bold brands yearning for new horizons, we’re your brand & website design companion to blaze lasting trails in the hearts of your customers."



Tugboat INC: Promotional marketing company located in Napa Valley. 

Adventure Journal: Online and print magazine devoted to outdoor adventure 

Simply Ingredients: an accessible apothecary of thoughtfully-sourced, high-quality ingredients curated to empower and educate your inner DIY alchemist to craft personalized, homemade products based on your evolving beauty needs.

ERIN: Erin Gymnastics Apparel was launched in 2019 as a brand dedicated to creating high-end training and competition apparel and personal equipment for gymnasts with a little attitude

ShinePact: Executive coaching, HR Consulting and Sustainable Leadership training program

HandiGuru: HandiGuru provides refillable silicone wristbands that can be filled with any gel-based/viscous liquid.

Element Apothec: Element Apothec is a clean nutraceutical, body care and wellness brand on a mission to set a new standard of quality in CBD-infused products. Offering a diverse line of products, including lotions, balms, serums and tinctures. 

CARTA: Carta takes an ecological approach to fragrance design with practices are rooted in sustainability, environmental stewardship and reverence for the planet. 

ComfiNest: Textile - full body support pillows

Mahalo Bar

Panga Charters: The only panga boat rental in San Diego, CA. 

Sani+Pak: single dose hand sanitizer gel packets

Better apc: Boutique Law Firm providing corporate law support to nonprofits, small businesses and solos

Locals Only Vodka: Vodka from Oceanside, CA. Distilled 12x from California grown grapes and bottled with pure local Palomar Mountain Spring water. 

Spark and Bloom Studio: Spark & Bloom is a design studio specializing in thoughtful brand identities and illustrations. The founder, Jeanne, created the studio in 2019 to help elevate ethical and eco-conscious businesses and make their positive impact seen.

Katie's Twice Baked: Prepared foods business making a yummy twist on a twice baked potato in 6 flavors using organic and regenerative organic ingredients. 



Onus iV Hydration: Vitamin iV Hydration and wellness services

Brisch's Boarding House LLC:  Airbnb rental focused on being an environmentally friendly option for travelers.



LINNÉ : LINNÉ is a a natural skin care brand.



PADDLE9: Paddle9 is an apparel company offering clothing and accessories.



VICTORY DANCE FOODS: Consumer packaged goods - superfood veggie powered granola and muesli 



Yellowstone Creative: marketing services



Lor Tush: household paper products



Andrew Hill Legal LLC: a law office based in Brunswick, Maine providing real estate and business services.



dew goods: handcrafted natural soaps and related products



Bekko Box: a reusable container company for the fast-casual dining industry, partnering with local restaurants to provide environmentally conscious consumers the option for a reusable container for their take away food. The containers are returned, or picked up, washed, and then returned to the restaurant. And the cycle continues.



Walrus Oil: Non-toxic and non-synthetic wood finishes, leather care goods, and skincare products



Soft Like Me: Making high quality self-care products one can feel good using. Ethically sourced products and packaging. All products are only scented with pure essential oils, and are paraben, palm oil, gluten, peanut and soy free.



Wild Orchard Green Tea: Wild Orchard Tea Company was founded out of the desire to share the world's purest and highest quality organic teas, backed by an unmatched cultivation process, with people across the globe to protect and maintain the health of our planet and everyone on it.

VEERT: a sustainable unisex lifestyle brand out of New York City

ANTIGONE: a chic casual wear made in the US using exclusively sustainable material

Momentum Physical Therapy of New Paltz: a single person physical therapy practice, based in a small town, it provides services primarily for all phases of rehabilitation and recovery for pain, injury, post-operative care and physical dysfunction

Greybeard Growers: a USDA Certified Organic CBD company producing sustainably grown CBD 

Rockaway Drinks: a non-alcoholic canned beverage company that combines sparkling water and powerful plants and herbs to result in a product that has dual functionality (for health + for the ocean) and dual accessibility (taste profile + price point)

LVG & Co.: an independent strategy consultancy dedicated to making businesses better through values-led growth and transformation 



Full Scale Fitness: Full Scale Fitness offers mobile fitness as well as corporate wellness solutions and online fitness programs.



The Anti Blueprint Project: Coffee table style book featuring 50 people who have created the life they want to lead from Oscar winning filmmakers and Michelin star chefs, to nomadic creatives working on the go 

Peak Prosper, Inc.: Helping high performing adventurous men unleash their untapped potential, and create more happiness, love and prosperity in their lives. 

NatureQuant, LLC: Technology and research company that provides a suite of tools to monitor, quantify, and evaluate natural elements and exposure to nature. 



GOONYWORLD: Representing highly skilled athletes competing at their maximum performance level, selling shirts, hats, jackets stickers, patches and various sporting goods.



KND Brand Co. LLC: KND Brand Co offers organic t-shirts exclusively to print positive messaging designs on, all created in partnership with eco-friendly screen printers.



ALTO Visuals: ALTO is an award-winning production company & creative studio that focuses on producing visuals - from idea to execution. Rooted in film, bridging artistry with the zeitgeist of tomorrow.



Sumatra Active: Activewear line made primarily of sustainable and ethically produced fabrics



131 business members from 18 countries.



Wattle Living: Design and online retailing of a highly versatile and sustainable sofa that's been specifically designed to meet the needs of renters, providing them with a long lasting alternative to disposable fast furniture. 

Ayers & Co: Game changing Australian made hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants.

Bushfire Survival Kits: Assisting you in a bushfire emergency.

Pure Scot: The first Australian-owned Scotch Whisky.

Chia Australia: Food products

Plyroom: Intentionally small-scale, dedicated to creating timeless furniture that fosters a simpler way of living.

Kimchi Club: Healthy Korean Food for Australians.

Lodge Environmental: An Ecological Consultancy that balances human activity with biodiversity conservation.

DEL RAINBOW: A global sales and brand development agency based in Byron Bay.

Oromo Coffee Company: Coffee that is sourced primarily from Africa. "Our mission is to celebrate the regions the beans are sourced from, and the incredible farmers who produce those beans."

Make Your Mark Investments: Invests in sustainable and ethical business to make a positive impact on the planet

Four Drunk Parrots: Digital strategists, marketing consultants, social media gurus and a pandemonium of parrots.

Little Learners Early Development & Education Centre: A Nature Kindergarten and Childcare Centre based in Perth, Western Australia.

Shokupan: Community based online bakery providing naturally leavened Japanese sandwich bread to people’s home

Wild Adventures Melbourne: Active Eco-Adventures in Melbourne’s Wilderness - SUP, Bike, Hike, Taste, Chill

Bureaux Coffee: A Melbourne roaster, dedicated to spectacular and responsible coffee.

Blades Studio Pty Ltd: An independent urban design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

BLAEK Store: A thoughtful retail space offering sustainable, ethical & organic clothing, homewares & daily essentials by mindful designers from around the world.

Collective Logistics: Collective Logistics is an on-demand warehousing and order fulfilment business (3PL) with a purpose. 

Ozeano Vision: Premium eco-friendly eyewear, ethically handmade in Australia.

Kombu Kombucha: “We make delicious kombucha: taste good, feel good, do good.”



Crazy Hills: A group of like-minded friends from around the globe, united in the goal to promote an organic lifestyle, provide all-natural products and encourage people to live sustainably. The team is growing organic hemp and producing organic fertilizers and biostimulants that are made of natural materials. Packaging is made from 100% post recycling material to make sure we save on the use of fossil fuels.



Aerial Environmental: Aerial Environmental provides global UAV/Drone services for Environmental and Engineering applications.

Jackson's Naturals: Natural remedy products that are safe, natural, and 100% non-toxic. 

Bursera: A premium aromatherapy brand bringing traditional products into the modern world.

Forah: A coffee company focused on celebrating African growers and farmers.

Toth Media Inc.: Toth Media is a creative agency specialized in the outdoor and active lifestyle. We provide marketing services to brands.

Ennis Fabrics - SolarShade: A Solution Dyed Polyester with 99% recyclable fibers, 0 CFC’s, with a solvent free low water manufacturing process

Grey Shed: Handcrafted concrete decor including planters and furniture.

KnowOne Construction Ltd.: Foundation and Framing contractor building higher efficiency and passive houses to help with wasted energy and use of high embodied carbon products.

Foehn Clothing Inc.: Foehn creates garments that combine function with a modern aesthetic, form with comfort in timeless styles that withstands use.

3D Planeta: “3D Planeta’s vision is to bring real 3D imaging of our planet, along with advanced tools, to organizations that can use it to increase their situational awareness in tactical operations.” 



Coh & Co Copenhagen AS: Using recyclable material technologies, Coh&Co designs lightweight, urban bicycles ideal for exploring the city that are designed and built in Copenhagen.




LESPACE - Morning Comptoirs: coffee/restaurant brand inside Morning Coworking. Morning is managing 25 spaces in France and is trying to make less impact as possible as buildings and constructions are among the worst contributors to climate change.

NOOS Global: NooS facilitates the financing of meticulously selected impact projects. Noos centralizes the donations and returns them to associations according to the allocation choices.

BODHEA (BRICKSTYLE): A brand of food supplements carrying societal and sustainable development values (both in product design and corporate strategy - supports and partners).

INTEGRA COURTAGE: Insurance broker in Nantes

ORA ENVIRONNEMENT: Consultancy in renewable energy

MAISON TSIKIS: Creation, sale of costume jewelry

PAALMS (TAMBIEN): También empowers the brands that are reshaping the world by providing fully personalized design services to attract and engage people.

ALGA NATIS (Laboratoires de Biarritz): ALGA NATIS certified organic treatments take care of baby's skin from birth. The choice of safety and naturalness thanks to its high tolerance formulas and its natural ingredients.

POINT NOMME (Les Réparables)

sticker-en-ligne.com (Nantes Gravures)



Les Petits Fabricants (Ridge Wel)

ORIGEM: “Origem guides your company implementing a sustainable sourcing strategy.








Nathalie de Breda: Interior designer


Fashion That Cares (MILANOUCK)






Gabriel Macon UG (haftungsbeschränkt): A french-inspired watch brand creating timeless and stylish watches.



Good Days: Good Days offers activewear made from recycled plastic waste products.



LongRun: Services in the sports tech domain, imports and sales of musical instruments, IT consulting business.



Integrity12 Inc.: Integrity12 Inc offers a line of household products.

remedy Inc.: Remedy Inc offers lifestyle products made of discarded bed sheets from hotels.

FRAGILED: Fragiled is a sustainable clothing brand using sustainable materials such as seaweed, organic cotton and recycled cotton.



Nerd Jar B.V.: a sustainable fashion brand that combines style, quality, and respect for the environment donating 50% of  profits towards environmental causes. 



The Good Store AS: “The Good Store AS and its wholly owned subsidiary Made Of AS only deal with recycled products. Through our partners we have produced the first serving tray made of recycled ocean bound plastic and the first shopping basket made of the same material.”



Osnowa: A responsible brand of ecological clothing, creating capsule collections.



FastTrack Media Pte Ltd: Accelerating scale-up companies from Europe to Asia



Meraki & The Geek: Summer clothes with Australian inspiration 



Nul: Bath and beauty products

Sparklys Switzerland GmbH: Hard Seltzer with a focus on the environment 



Only Ethikal: a platform for sustainable fashion brands.



Zeus Luxury: Online Ecommerce Platform in the United Kingdom, sale of luxury men's and women's products including luxury watches and accessories

Darcstudio: Digital imagery

The Daily Online Store: a conscious online retailer utilizing recyclable packaging and biodegradable fillers, recycling all used packaging and striving to purchase from ethical suppliers.

Dawn Roasters Coffee Co: Coffee subscription

PROJECTFUSION: Secure file sharing that helps businesses share files online, and reduces use of couriers and post.

Journeys With Purpose: Journeys With Purpose offers hosted experiences in Wild Nature, and Rewilding Experiences.

Encore Recruitment Limited: Encore Recruitment specializes in the fashion and retail sector.

Wander: Wander is a recruitment company walking it's own path and working with people and brands intent on making a difference.

7Forward: 7forward is a sustainable consultancy company based in the UK.


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