Welcome New Members! (October)


Welcome to the movement! 275 new members join 1% for the Planet in October.

This October 275 new members from around the world joined the 1% for the Planet community. As our network grows, so does our impact. What could your 1% do? Join our network to find out. 


UNITED STATES: 127 members from 34 states



Phoenix Materials Recycling: Collects and processes recycled glass and resells it for residential and commercial use.



Matt Dickhut Realty: Matt Dickhut is a realtor in NW Arkansas committed to doing right.



Granite Mountain Guides: Provides guiding and outdoor education.



(re)x: Eye-catching and functional clothing hangers made from 100% recycled plastic.

ANAMOLY: Mountain biking footwear & protection.

Black & Cremè: A Black-owned and woman-owned re-education, sustainable, and eco-awareness online retail boutique.

Christine Liu: A California-based author and creator, sharing tips for simple, slow, and sustainable living.

Coastal Kiddos: Connecting kids in North County San Diego to the natural world around them.

Forcis: An apparel company.

IMBUE: IMBUE provides blends of liquid medicinal herbs which help people adapt to stress.

Kaiyo Wealth: A Certified Financial Planner working with clients investing in sustainable companies.

Kāma Surface Co: Builds origami-style platforms for adventure and mindfulness.

Living Prana: Empowering people and elevating human consciousness through products that enhance nutrition, energy, mood, performance, and overall health and well-being.

Mascielo: A values-driven clothing company.

Nora's Naturals: Offers natural coffee products.

O&E LLC: Organic supplements, organic salves, organic tinctures

Optimist Made: Optimist Made is designed to intersect technology and fashion in order to bring opportunity to the global design sector and a richer apparel and accessory offering to the consumer.

Pettobox: An eco-friendly pet brand developing environmentally sustainable pet-related products.

Pontus Supply: 5 gallon stainless steel water storage for any and all outdoor adventures!

SOSHE Beauty: A new slow beauty brand with a refillable mascara.

tablette: Compostable palettes for make up artists.

The LoWaste Life: Produces and sells produce bags, market totes, lunch bags, utensil rolls and more, using upcycled materials.

thibido winery: An estate based brand of wines homegrown and handmade with sustainable, earth friendly practices.

Wave Maiden: Offers organic, non-toxic, plant derived, biodegradable surf wax with organic essential oil blends.

Woven Grove: Woven Grove crafts organic mushroom-botanical tinctures to optimize health and wellness.

Azlee: Made of 18k gold and platinum, ĀZLEE’s Jewelry pieces are made locally in Los Angeles by master craftsmen.

Bear Balanced: Vegan and organic novelty gummies.

BRINK XR: BRINK Traveler allows anyone to use their phone, tablet, or VR headset to experience some of the most breathtaking natural locations in the World as if they were there in person.

Cosmic Critters: A digital art collection with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental activism.

Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah!: Incomparable wines from beyond space and time.

Gargoyle Factory: Gargoyle Factory is a small creative consultancy, specializing in branding, advertising, copywriting, and naming.

Good Wave Company: An online retailer for family-friendly watersports.

Hitch: Hitch is the first water bottle with a barista-approved coffee cup hidden inside.

LOS VACATION INC.: A professional triathlon sports brand.

Mi Cocina: Durable and sustainable denim kitchen equipment.

Santa Barbara Company: Founded on the idea that gifting can be both beautiful and sustainable, Santa Barbara Company creates memorable gifting experiences driven by incredible maker stories, thoughtful presentation and unforgettable quality.

The Danae Aballi Group: A real estate agent in Newport Beach.



Aligned Insight Inc. - A Colorado Public Benefit: Aligned Insight helps companies crystallize and manifest purpose in ways that also lead them to thrive financially (amplifying the good they are able to do).

Kali Herbals: Offers all natural, plant-based botanical extracts that help support different functions of the body.

Magna Dea: An ethical, women-owned company that offers luxury aromatherapy and shower products.

Native Nectar Botanicals: Skincare and wellness products as well as spa services.

River Collective Co.: A fish and river inspired apparel company based in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Foote Law Firm: Legal services for environmental and energy matters mainly serving environmental groups and causes.

KnowledgeOwl: Provides knowledge base software-as-a-service.

Koan Leadership: Helps executives, leaders, and their teams drive greater impact while finding more fulfillment in their work and life.

Planetarie: Natural wellness brand, using just water to extract living cannabinoids from hemp plants.

Triage Creative: An Impact Agency that believes advertising can make a positive impact.



Just Mystic: Designs, markets, and sells apparel across digital and physical channels.



Hunu: Hunu cups are made with high-quality food safe silicone, our cups are BPA free, leakproof and collapse to fit almost any pocket.

Kando Life: Reusable water bottles.



Samba Rock Marketing Consulting: Marketing, advertising and e-commerce agency with focus on CPG brands from abroad arriving into new markets.

Secoya Strategies: Secoya Strategies provides consulting, coaching and analysis for individuals, teams, organizations and networks

42 Birds: Natural cork yoga products. 

Bottlehub: A reusable water bottle vending kiosk with a filling station attached.

Cris’s Blends: A clean skincare brand with focus on natural deodorant.

Little Brewing Company: A brewery based in Miami.

Swiftscans: Specializes in 3D laser scanning, LiDAR, and aerial photogrammetry.

Olive + Comet: A purveyor of authentic, sustainable lifestyle gear designed to benefit communities and the environment.



Opo Coffee: Coffee company based in Atlanta, with operations in coffee roasting, retail, and training.



Megan & Company: An Herbal Apothecary and Clinic that offers herbal knowledge and organic products.



Akkoniq: A fashion brand specializing in cutting-edge sustainable design of high-end carrying solutions.



Kunesh Design: Executive advice on build teams and products through innovation, design thinking and/or digital transformation.

Blossom Inspirations: A company working with artisans and their communities to produce toys, ornaments, and women's fashion accessories.

Citrea Consulting: Marketing and sustainability consulting to businesses.

L'Beauxtique: A luxury wellbeing brand that offers a ritualistic response to stress with products formulated by clinical aromatherapists.



Honu: Plastic free bathroom care products.



Voyager Video Marketing: A video marketing agency that provides video production services and marketing consulting.



Loblola: True-to-nature dog toys that connect dogs with the outdoors and their instinctual play habits.

Omega 3: Produces holistic, all-natural foods that help sustain and fortify the brain.



LIV: Curated organic superfoods and apparel.



Arbor Made: Reusable candles using only sustainable and non-toxic ingredients



Boots & Bookings Travel: A Travel Advisor specializing in outdoor/active vacations.

The Functionist: Functional, whole food mushroom powder and foods.



Long Haul Sports: Performance Hydration for Endurance Athletes.



BeMindNeeds, LLC: Start up design and retail company that focuses on creating solutions to daily challenges of living a natural life, with products for compostable cleaning, bamboo drying racks, and plant based detergents.



Ascent Technology Consulting: Ascent Technology is a small consultancy providing technology strategy and management consulting services to high-growth startups.

Richardson Media Group: Advertising planning, buying, campaign management and SEO services based out of Portsmouth, NH.

Stitched Stories: Stitched Stories embroidery kits give you everything you need to create a finished piece of hoop art. Embrace a mindful and satisfying comfort craft perfect for all generations.

Stella & Sol Sustainables: Reusable options to replace disposables.



Mutts.com: Products based on the MUTTS comic strip, created by Patrick McDonnell, which strives to create a better world for animals, the planet and people.

ieró Beauty: A dazzling, high-vibrational beauty and lifestyle brand that provides a holistic, multi-sensorial experience, nourishing your whole self - not just your skin.

Alpenglow Advisors LLC: Financial Planning and Investment Management implemented with ESG strategies.

Poutee: Manufacturing, distribution, retail, and wholesale of hemp related products.



Mountain Mixology: A craft, ready to drink, cocktail company that focuses on creating more opportunities for people to get outside and enjoy craft cocktails.

Erem Desert: Footwear for adventures in the world’s most challenging and rewarding terrain. The new standard in sustainable footwear leaves only footprints behind.

Liquid Health Inc: Manufacture liquid dietary supplements for people and pets.



Alto New York City: Alto is a creative company for courageous brands, creating pivotal moments in advertising and entertainment.

CarbonPay LLC: We pay so the planet won’t. CarbonPay is a simple way to offset CO2 every time you make a transaction.

Compose[d]: Compose[d] is a digital strategy & creative services agency, focused on addressing business goals through sustainable solutions for our clients.

Cozy Alley: Sustainable clothing

Gotham Coffee Roasters: For the die-hard aficionado to the casual drinker, Gotham Coffee Roaster's blends are painstakingly chosen and roasted to emphasize their character.

TeamGLEAS: TeamGLEAS is an international student-athlete recruitment agency on a mission to encourage the next generation to travel the world, become global citizens, and ultimately grow both personally and professionally.

amrêve: Organic clothing brand.

Evans Socks: Men's dress socks, uniquely designed with a button to keep pairs together.

Plus Products Inc: An eco-friendly waterless, bottleless personal care line.

Surveyor Sports Management: Representing outdoor athletes, artists, and adventurers to help them cultivate brand partnerships, execute their passion projects, and share their experiences with the world. 

Tribe Organics: Ayurveda herbal supplements made for the pace of modern living

WayFinder Advisory Group LLC: Business advisor in the equipment and product manufacturing sector.

Wonderful Jungle: Toys made with eco-friendly, recycled materials.

Yoom: A holistic wellness company launching with a no-prep, ready-to-cook Kitchari dish.



Plant Posse: A posse of plant-powered people producing jewelry & art promoting plant pride.



Public Lands

Akuwa Skincare: A clean skincare brand.

Wildfarer: An outdoors oriented company selling art themed travel mugs and bottles.



Dave's Coffee: Small batch, coffee roaster committed to sourcing and roasting coffees that are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested by primarily family owned farms.

Bombi: a company that specializes in mobility, with products including rollators for mobility impaired individuals and baby strollers.



10 Grove: 10 Grove is a direct-to-consumer brand of sustainable linens that is reshaping and democratizing access to luxury home products, starting with your bedding.

Solo Stove: Fire pits, camp stoves, grills, and accessories that help create good moments and lasting memories.



D&F Modern: A women's golf brand selling apparel and accessories.

Green Distributors: Offers products designed to replace single-use plastic items including kid's toys and kitchen items.



Buteo Books: Buteo Books is a mail-order bookstore specializing in birdwatching, ornithology, nature and natural history.

Thirdline Capital: Providing innovative solutions to income-focused investors.

Caffeine and Legends: A monthly book club that focuses on bringing subscribers new coffee or tea to try, along with a monthly read.

Malone Building & Development: Real Estate Development and General Construction

RipRap Security: A cyber security consulting company working with small and mid-sized businesses.



Vermont Green FC: Burlington, Vermont's first semi-professional soccer team.



Living Deep: A curated platform offering inspiration, education, and exclusive products to luxury-seeking, eco-minded, residential customers.

Natural Learning Northwest: Offers outdoor programs and day camps for children and their families to learn, explore & grow in natural and wild spaces.

Peak Health and Wellness: Health and Wellness

Wild Beauty: Wild beauty is on a mission to reduce single use plastic waste in the beauty industry by offering thoughtfully crafted products that are safe for people and the planet.

ZENO Outdoors: International sales management for outdoor brands.

HEST: Produces quality outdoor products that build community around camping and brings the comfort of home to the outdoors.

Tokki: Creates reusable gift wrap and gift bows for a sustainable gifting experience.



Boulders Climbing Gym: Boulders Climbing Gym is a mission driven business, which aims to improve the world in which we live, work, and play, one climb at a time.

East View Coffee: A small-batch coffee roaster, who sells freshly roasted coffee.



Colibrily: Digital marketing and website development.

Siwolo: Siwolo crafts premium beanies and hats and caters to those who live an active life.

The Art of Soil: Produces and sells ecologically considerate art supplies made with soil.




148 members from 26 countries around the world.




Bare Mum: Postpartum products for new mums.

Captive Media Australia: Emotive video and photo content, backed up with strategy to help businesses achieve their goals.

Collective Water: Collective Water is a plumbing company in the Macedon Ranges focusing on clean drinking water.

Copy Circle: An Environmental Copywriter for purpose-driven brands.

Everett: Sustainable swimwear

Goldi: Olive oil producers with an e-commerce business.

Koala Comforts: We are a luxury brand specializing in feel-good, self-care products.

MATE MAKER BEVERAGES: Launching as a hard kombucha, Mate Maker wants to provide people with organic, natural and better for you buzz products that also benefit the world through sustainable initiatives and community give backs.

Richard McGibbon Photography: An action and adventure sports photographer based out of Sydney, Australia.

Sans-Arc Studio: An environmentally friendly, off-beat, and fun architecture + interior design practice.

Alpine Windows Glass and Screens: Construction industry providing glass and glass related products

Avion Agency: An independent global content strategy and copywriting agency.

Loop Home: 100% GOTS organic cotton homewares.

Maison d'Etoile: Maison d’Étoile is a contemporary, ready-to-wear brand designed for the modern woman who takes a considered approach to style.




Kultique: Connecting brandowners to manufacturers for the best price and quality level required.



Agilytic: Agilytic helps organizations reach their goals through the smarter use of data.

Cohabs: Coliving company based in Brussels (27 houses), New York and Paris, with a mission to shape a better tomorrow by improving the way we live today.

RAOUL.E: Online apparel company offering a capsule wardrobe, composed of high-end pieces that are trendy, timeless and durable.



Authentik Canada Aventures: Authentik Canada is an online road trip planner on which you can personalize your 100% tailor-made trip to Canada.

Hip Mommies: Boutique importers and distributors of sustainable and innovative goods for the conscious Canadian retailer. 

La Cime S.E.N.C

Me to We Consumables: ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that provides products that make an impact, empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices.

Nemus: Sustainable mobile accessories that reduce plastic use by 30% to 100% and plastic free packaging.

REPLENISH General Store Inc.: A general store focusing on local, sustainably sourced products.

SEO That Ranks: A boutique consulting firm focused on growth-stage companies in search of scalable channels.

Wildcraft Natural Skincare: Wildcraft creates all-natural, high quality skincare products attainable and approachable to everyone.

Affirmative Sustainability: A startup service provider of sustainability programming and reporting.

Beach Labs: Beach Labs is in the business if sustainably producing and selling 100% natural and made in Canada magnesium oil from the coast of British Columbia.

Colleen Keith Designs: Colleen Keith helps build sustainable brands & websites for businesses making an impact

Mountain Mills: The best salt and pepper mills in the world.

The Wilds Cosmetics: Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free skincare company with 90% recyclable packaging.

Zenkai Sports: Performance Athletic Apparel. Mens/Womens: t-shirts, joggers, shorts, hoodies, accessories, socks, base layer

Justo's Funky Foods: Plant-based dips that leave a positive impact on our community and a minimal impact on our environment.

Kat Cadegan Jewellery: Hand fabricates sterling silver and gold jewellery in a mountain studio in Revelstoke, BC.

LAMOSE: Produces and engraves personalized drinkware for individuals and businesses.

WellDunn Exploration: An exploration and technology company, specializing in business optimization and natural resource exploration projects.

47 Filmworks: Freelance videography and photography.

Green Ash Decor: Providing candle lovers who want to avoid toxins in their homes with a safe, non-toxic resource for healthy, sustainable candles. 

Mainspring Media: A film production company telling impact-driven stories, particularly those focused on environmental and social issues.

Nordic Peace: Promoting overall well-being through the distribution of nordic design art and minimalistic lifestyle products.



Copenhagen Cartel: Copenhagen Cartel is a green start up. We offer our customers high quality and sustainable swimwear, sportswear and casualwear made out of plastic and waste from the ocean (with exception of our casual collection which is made out of 100% organic cotton).

The Garment: Responsibly produced fashion brand.





janeanson.com (EJA Publishing)


Vincent Verges Batsoul




Atmosphère Sauvage





Eclo (Sustainable Beauty)


Eveil et minéraux

Hortus & Canis

ITSD le Thé Chic

KCMC Formations Education & Coaching


Not Ordinary Lifestyle

ODALIS (VDB Distribution)

Quentin Chevrier


Romain Olivier

Site internet TEMAHOME



Traiteur EATCETERA (Savant Goût SARL)


VOLUPIE (VDB Distribution)




Asamby Consulting: A management consulting firm.

fafe collection: A premium jewelry shop based in Cologne, Germany.

Josua Stäbler - Director of Photography: Director of photography working internationally in advertisement and documentaries.

Marc Radziwill: A web developer and freelance consultant for web performance and web sustainability.

ZENSPOTTING: A curated marketplace for mindfulness practice in Europe.

amano: High-quality and sustainable olive oil and balsamic vinegar made in Italy.

Cevelli: Elegance and transparency, sustainability and freedom.

Digital Design Mastery: Training for Digital Design Professionals

Laakfeld GmbH: Ecommerce brand focusing on bathroom products.

SK Touristik: Germany's premium tour operator specialist for individual leisure travel to Canada.

Vertumi: A sustainable sports nutrition brand.

Wunderlich Solutions GmbH: Web-Development, drone flights, solar panel inspections, geographic information system.



Stylumia: We enable brands and retailers globally reduce guesswork in decision making through advanced predictive consumer insights and analytics & Reduce waste.



BOMBINI: An alternative of fashion with eco-conscious materials.



Simply Good Fair: Faerly is an Irish online sustainable store selling products from small Irish makers and eco conscious brands.



Nikki Mattei: A sustainability marketing consultant.

Utego: A FinTech company in Italy specializing in financial aggregation services.



Overview Coffee Japan: Sells roasted coffee to consumers and wholesale accounts in Japan.



Organix Limited: Environment friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable food products assisting with food safety and food security.



calmpose: Natural and organic cosmetic care.

the reed: Eco-friendly cosmetics brand.



Daniel Solutions: Provides IT analysis, design, and architecture services to medium and large enterprises.

Studio Stoke: A publisher.

Yermana: Introducing people to the world of yerba mate.



Found by Maverix: An ecommerce retailer taking an unconventional approach to conscious shopping.

GIVASH: Body care product manufacturer based in New Zealand

LUCKE: LUCKE is a team of outdoor enthusiasts, on a mission to inspire positive change in the custom clothing industry.

eighthirty coffee: Eighthirty's aim is to build the best coffee company they can and use their business to build up their people and wider community while causing no unnecessary harm to the planet.



Sunnies Face: Sunnies Face came out of the team’s natural obsession for makeup.

Something Better: Optimistic and kind streetwear made for those who want more than just clothing.



Tango Sierra: Canned wines



Monte Velho Retreat Centre: Family run, self-sustaining retreat centre with a strong passion for reconnecting its visitors with nature



Bright Green: Creating a more eco-friendly workplace benefiting the environment, improving employee health, consumer brand, and more!

WhereNext Experiences: A startup travel company catering for volunteer travel and focusing on the environment and animal conservation.



Earth's Goodies: Supreme CBD products for pets.



Food Sourcing Specialists: Food Sourcing Specialists is a sports and healthy food distribution business founded in Barcelona

Marevitae: Cosmetic brand.



feey: Indoor plants and accessories meant to strengthen the relationship between people and nature.

Alpbachline: Online retailer of outdoor apparel.



CIRCULAR: CIRCULAR focus on selling sustainable apparel made from 100% recycled material with no dyeing process.



Chasing the Sun Collective: Sustainable swimwear and apparel.



Beco Pets: A one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your dog bouncing happily through life, while minimizing their environmental impact. It’s time to enjoy your adventures while preserving the landscapes you love.

Birling Farms: An experience that is as close to wild camping as possible, with fires and space enough to feel like you are nearly on your own in the woods but with lovely hot showers and composting loos for a few creature comforts.

Brampton College: Sixth form college in London, providing a rigorous academic programme for young adults within an informal and friendly learning environment.

Dear Green Coffee Roasters: Small independent Glasgow based speciality coffee roaster.

Dr Jackson's: Dr Jackson's is an award winning science-led & natural skincare and wellness brand from the UK.

Ethical Bedding: Eco-friendly, luxury bedding using eucalyptus, bamboo, and rPET polyester.

Exhale Coffee: Exhale Coffee is the UK's first scientifically verified healthy coffee to help active people perform better and recover faster.

Green Unlimited: Helping organisations develop sustainable business strategies and communicate with stakeholders effectively

intelligent: The trusted independent experts for hand dryers and washrooms since 2012.

Jones and Co. Styling Opticians: Independent Opticians based in Manchester City centre, United Kingdom providing Eyecare and Eyewear.

Mike Pye + Co: Marketing Consultancy

New Generation Travel: A Travel Agency.

Quarter: A fraction of the alcohol, no compromise on flavour.

Sans London Limited: Effective, natural deodorant.

Seven Legal: Seven Legal works alongside founding teams on their journeys through funding, scaling and exiting high growth ventures with a focus on concise, pragmatic legal advice for each stage of a company’s growth cycle.

the homestead cafe

The Nue Co.: Provides supplements and health & wellness products.

Wild Planet Aromatherapy: Wild Planet is a family business based in Kent, UK that creates ethical fragrant goods for you and your home. Hand made from pure essential oils, sustainably sourced from around the world.

44Consult: 44Consult provides cost and project management services to Private Developers, Commercial Clients, Hotel and Leisure Clients, Housing Associations and Private Individuals.

Alchemy of Colours: Online shop selling original Dutch pour paintings, biodegradable phone cases and handmade homeware products.

Coffee Carter Limited: Coffee shop.

Halvo Coffee Roasters: Start-up coffee roasters.

Hoamly: Sustainable homeware company, sourcing products from Vietnam. 

JHPVisuals: A production company providing multimedia campaigns to companies and organizations with strong links to the outdoors and environment.

Kernowpia: Outdoor sports accessories.

Natural View Products

Park Paws: Dog blankets made from recycled materials.

San Kara: A Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist

Sana Beer Co Ltd: A non-alcoholic brewery dedicated to promoting non-alcoholic beer as a healthy and holistic hydration alternative to water and sugary sports drinks.

Sprout Consulting: Provides financial strategies and business and accounting support to sustainable businesses.

WE WEAR Group: E-commerce and content platform with a sustainable approach that is born as a space to display, promote and commercialize emerging luxury brands and designers

Wedgies: An independent British handicraft company with close ties to Sri Lanka where Wedgies are made.


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