1% for the Planet Giving Circle supports climate solutions



1% for the Planet Giving Circle supports climate solutions

The first session of the latest 1% for the Planet Individual Member Giving Circle took place on October 14, 2021. With the recent release of the IPCC report and COP26 convening in November, we knew our individual members would feel the urgency to take collective action towards climate resilience.



There's power in the collective

More than 40 individual members participated in the Giving Circle, meeting virtually over the course of three one-hour sessions. Sessions were structured to help members expand their knowledge of climate solutions, learn about philanthropic best practices and decide where to make their collective donation.

We were well-equipped to facilitate a meaningful collective giving experience thanks to resources provided by Philanthropy Together, an organization growing the Giving Circle movement, and Grapevine, a platform for Giving Circles.

In the first session, 1% for the Planet Co-Founder Craig Mathews and CEO Kate Williams welcomed members to the Giving Circle—stressing the power of coming together around giving to drive change. Members enjoyed connecting with each other to establish a set of five shared values. These guiding values were brought to each Giving Circle session—informing discussions and ultimately their collective donation. Together they chose: equity, community, accountability, sustainability and responsibility.




During the second session, members heard from Crystal Chissell, Senior Director of Drawdown Solutions at Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. Crystal walked our members through some of the critical contributors to climate change and the possible drawdown solutions, highlighting the technologies and practices that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After the presentation from Project Drawdown, Giving Circle members learned about a selection of nonprofit organizations implementing some of these solutions.

Before we met for our third and final session, each member made their contribution via Grapevine and voted on which nonprofit to support with their collective donation.



Photos by Remote Energy & StoveTeam International

Support for energy independence and fuel-efficient cookstoves

After reviewing six different organizations focused on climate solutions, the Giving Circle made two grants of $2,862 each. The first recipient was Remote Energy, whose mission is to use solar energy to help improve the lives of people in often overlooked communities worldwide by developing and implementing customized online and hands-on solar electric curriculums. The second recipient was StoveTeam International with a mission to promote the local production of fuel-efficient, safe and affordable cookstoves in the developing world.

At the final Giving Circle session, we recorded short thank-you videos for the two nonprofits, reconnected with our guiding values and reflected on our shared experience. As one participant summed it up after the Giving Circle, “I learned the power of community among complete strangers with a shared vision.”


We are excited for our next 1% for the Planet Individual Member Giving Circle. If you would like to participate, please email individuals@onepercentfortheplanet.org and visit our website to learn more about the Giving Circle and otherindividual membership opportunities.

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