Sway is using 1% for the Planet’s flexible giving model in the seaweed revolution

Sway_Farm (California Site Visit)Photography by Sway

Sway is using 1% for the Planet flexible giving model in the seaweed revolution

1% for the Planet Member Sway is using seaweed biotechnology to replace plastic packaging and stimulate regenerative practices where we least expect them. Founded by Julia Marsh and Matt Mayes in 2020, Sway has covered major ground in the past two years—including joining the 1% for the Planet community.

Sway balances market-driven solutions with environmental partnerships. The Oakland-based company begins their design process by connecting with coastal communities who grow and harvest seaweed as a means to overcome overfishing and damaged ecosystems caused by climate change. 

By sourcing from regenerative ocean farmers, Sway’s product catalyzes climate-resilient employment, rehabilitates marine life, mitigates climate change and expands the market of their main product feedstock—seaweed.

Sway Team_SB 2021_2Photography by Sway

“There are two vital components of the seaweed revolution—creating demand for regeneratively farmed seaweed, which is the direct impact we hope to make, and the restoration of our vital kelp, seaweed and ocean ecosystems.” Russell Reed, Head of Sustainability & Impact at Sway

Sway's Giving Journey

When it comes to environmental giving, Sway has made three key partnerships through 1% for the Planet:

Reef Check

Sway x Reef Check #2-1Photography by Pat Webster

Sway’s connection with Reef Check is built on the passion for restoring kelp forests. Through community-led science, Reef Check is training volunteers to scuba dive and survey marine ecosystems, focusing on coral reef and kelp forest health. With this partnership, Sway is helping fund the imperative work to uphold thriving kelp forest ecosystems.


Save the Bay

Sway x Save the BayMatt Mayes of Sway at the Save the Bay coastal cleanup

At the local level, Sway partners with Save the Bay, an organization protecting and restoring the San Francisco baylands and wildlife. Through the 1% for the Planet flexible giving model, Sway allocated a portion of their environmental giving towards volunteer time in 2022. The Sway team made a trip to the Bay Area coastline for hands-on restoration work, participating in Save the Bay’s coastal cleanup in celebration of Bay Day.


Fundación Rompientes

FundacionRompientes_Puertecillo@fariasmorenoPhotography by Rodrigo Farias Moreno

Sway’s giving also acts on a global scale. Fundación Rompientes is preserving the Chilean Coastline through conservation policy and local organization. Their partnership exemplifies how symbiotic relationships are formed through 1% for the Planet. Fundación Rompientes advocates for seaweed cultivation with a goal to protect their local economy, while Sway supports their work and learns from their practices.


Take Action

Dive deeper into Sway’s environmental partnerships by watching our recent Instagram Live with Julia Marsh and Jenny Kalanges. Start your environmental giving journey by becoming a 1% for the Planet member today!


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