Women leading the way in business and environmental philanthropy


Who saves the world? Girls.

Women in the world hold an immense amount of power in solving the global climate crisis. Project Drawdown ranks both educating and empowering girls and family planning within the top ten most viable climate solutions. Whether discussing our planet or business, it’s distinctly clear that when we invest in women we invest in a better future for all.

The 1% for the Planet network is filled with many women-led businesses that are not only incredibly successful, but are also leading the way in environmental philanthropy. Keep scrolling to learn about some of the incredible 1% for the Planet business members and how they build sustainability into their business models.

All Good

Founded by Caroline Duell

Caroline Duell loved making skincare products for her friends and family. She first made a skincare product called Goop that moisturizes, repairs, and soothes. Goop was such a hit with her friends and family that they encouraged her to start selling it. This was a tough sell for Caroline at first, who had been making skincare products since 1998 using herbs and natural remedies from her garden, but did not consider herself an entrepreneur. Caroline ultimately decided  to launch a company around her homemade products, but she never lost sight of her values. Today, Caroline Duell’s company, All Good, is sold in 12 countries and has a broad range of products from the Goop that started it all to sunscreens and lip balms. 

Ultimately, with every jar of Goop that we make, we are hoping for the wellness of the end user.”

To put the “Good” in All Good, the company makes sure that all of their products are beneficial to people and the planet. After attending an international reef symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii, Caroline was inspired to create reef-friendly sunscreen products. She helped to start the #ReefFriendly campaign that works to educate others on the impacts of sunscreens on coral reefs and aquatic life. All Good continues to be a trailblazer in creating sustainable and environmentally-responsible products. Learn more about their mission and story here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, Pacific Whale Foundation, Na Kama Kai, Wildlife Alliance, Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, Conservation Alliance, Surfrider Foundation and many more.


"Toxic pollution and ecological damage ranked top of the list for reasons to make a scene. And so, I did."”


Founded by Susie Hewson

In 1980, Susie Hewson took an interest in dioxin pollution and the dangerous impacts of plastic on humans and the environment. As she learned more, she started to wonder what types of materials were used in making period products. What she found shocked her. Susie knew that women deserved better than toxic hygiene products, and decided to do something about it. She became an activist and spoke out about the chemicals in period products and the waste created in their production and use.

In 1989, she launched Natracare, which was the world’s first brand of organic and all-natural period products. Today, the brand continues to be a leader in natural period products and advocating for plastic-free periods. In 2018, Natracare organized a march against plastic period pollution, continuing the tradition of fierce activism for safe period products. Find their products and more information about Susie’s story here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet and The 5 Gyres Institute.

"I fell instantly in love with the beverage. The flavor, the fizz, the process, simply everything."”


Eva’s Herbucha

Founded by Eva Sippl

The moment Eva Sippl first tasted kombucha, she knew that there was something special about the drink. Soon, she began to brew her own kombucha at home, and became increasingly passionate about the brewing process. In 2007, she took a trip to her home country of Germany and discovered herbal teas were being used in the kombucha brewing process. It was here that she found a way to combine two of her most treasured passions: kombucha, and the healing properties of herbals.

In 2008, she decided it was now or never. She was going to create a kombucha brewery. As she grew her business, she conducted extensive research on herbalism, and created kombucha flavor blends that focused on specific health benefits. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Eva strives to create health-forward brews that benefit people and the planet. Sustainable sourcing is a company value, and a continued priority as Eva’s Herbucha continues to grow. Find out more about Eva Sippl and her company story here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, Oregon Environmental Council, Big Life Foundation and Oceans Initiative.

Captain Blankenship

Founded by Jana Blankenship

Nature is my source of inspiration for everything we create. I always say you will find the ocean, forests, and fields in every bottle.”

Jana Blankenship grew up spending every Summer exploring the coast of Maine. She realized early on how much she loved to be around nature, and started to notice all of the little things that made it so special to her. The smell of sea roses, ocean pine, and the feeling of summer adventures stuck with her long after her Maine vacations. These little things would ultimately serve as an inspiration for her company, Captain Blankenship.

When Jana realized that she couldn’t find the types of organic and chemical-free beauty products that she wanted to use, she decided to make them herself. She started in her kitchen, experimenting with organic ingredients and researching herbalism, soap-making, and the benefits of essential oils. Eventually, Jana decided to expand. She continued to make products inspired by nature, and strived to keep her conscious company at an accessible price point.

Today, Jana expresses gratitude for how her company has grown under her and her women-led team, and how she is able to maintain her values in every product made. Read more about the brand and the story here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, Sea Shepherd, One Tree Planted, GreenWave and Scenic Hudson.


"I have put everything I have into this venture and to see that it can bring joy to others legitimately brings tears to my eyes."”


Founded by Andrea Weinberg

Andrea Weinberg purchased a handbag that she loved. She started to worry about what would happen to the bag when she walked to her business classes in the city in the rain and wished that she had a waterproof top-layer for it. So, she made one. This became her go-to bag. She started to refine the bag to meet the needs of her busy schedule. She gave the bag pockets for travel, a cross-body strap for comfortable carrying, snaps for easy access, and anything else she could think of that would make the bag a convenient wardrobe staple.

Andrea launched her company, ANDI, which became a hit with people searching for the perfect everyday bag. As Andrea began to see other people use and love her products, she strived to continue moving her company forward and creating the multifunctional and versatile bags that people were raving about. Andrea also strives to benefit people and the planet, with the company motto being: “Be Good to Yourself”. For more on Andrea and ANDI bags, check out their website.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, Harlem Grown and Surfrider Foundation.

Sensi Graves

Founded by Sensi Graves

"Our products have continued to develop and improve but we’ve always stuck by our core mission: to design swimwear that’s both fiercely functional and fabulously feminine."”


As a professional Kiteboarder and coach, Sensi Graves spends almost all day, every day on the beach and in the water. She soon discovered that the bikinis she was sporting weren’t cutting it. She was tired of being distracted from kiteboarding having to adjust her bathing suit so frequently. She realized the need for sports bathing suits that stayed put. This way, women could spend more time in the water and on the beach doing what they loved without having to think about their bathing suit not performing. Sensi couldn’t find the perfect suits on the market, so she made her own. She started creating suits that were both functional and fun.

Sensi Graves is a leading brand in sustainable swimwear, using recycled fabrics, compostable packaging, and offsetting their carbon footprint— to name just a few ways that the brand gives back to the planet. Find out more about Sensi Graves and the products making an impact here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, Columbia Riverkeeper, Rocky Mountain Wild and Keep A Breast Foundation.

Waste Free Earth

Founded by Marina McCoy

Marina McCoy was at a music festival in Vermont enjoying her favorite band with her brother and best friend. As she headed back to her tent, she passed by a group of women picking up glow sticks off of the ground. The women were murmuring about how bad glow sticks were for the environment and the astounding number of them left behind by festival guests.

Marina looked down at her own outfit, adorned with glow sticks and neon body paint. She started to think about the impact that festivals have on the planet. She soon realized just how much waste is produced and often left behind at festivals. So, she decided to do something about it.

This was the moment she decided to start her own company, Waste Free Earth. She started by offering event-focused consulting services. Waste Free Earth specializes in waste management, reduction and diversion. Marina is based in Vermont, and has contributed to making many Vermont events, including Frendly Gathering (the music festival that inspired it all), more Earth friendly. Find out more about the mission here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet


Founded by Hannah Habes

"When brainstorming names for the company, I wrote down every word to describe the way matcha made me feel. Healthful, mindful, powerful and peaceful were the top words that came to mind. Thus, Matchaful was born."”


Hannah Habes has always been a hard worker, and started to feel the impacts of the constant work and travel before starting her business, Matchaful. She found herself constantly run-down, overtired, and struggling to find time to eat healthy or get some much needed rest. After extensively searching for health solutions, she finally stumbled upon matcha, which she says was “love at first sip”. As she started experimenting with matcha in her kitchen, she decided to start her own company.

Ethical sourcing has always been a top priority for Hannah. Through determination and commitment, Matchaful found a small farm in Japan to directly source organic matcha that was grown with regenerative practices. Hannah describes Matchaful as a company that cares. She prioritizes the environment and the health of people using Matchaful products. For more on Matchaful’s commitment to people and the planet, check out their story.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet, City Growers, Rainforest Trust, GrowGood, City Harvest and WIRES.

Mana Threads

Founded by Amelia Leme

Amelia Leme was tired of sitting behind a computer. Originally from Brazil, she wanted a career that would root her in Vermont and help her build a strong network of friendships while keeping her active and outdoors. She decided to become a personal trainer. This meant that Amelia was spending every day wearing workout clothes. With clothes that lacked personality and color, she grew bored of the same styles, and decided to create her own line of workout wear.

This is when she started her company, Mana Threads. Amelia wanted to open her store in the hub of Burlington: Church Street. Today, Amelia strives for sustainability in all the clothes made at Mana Threads. She uses biodegradable thread from her home country, Brazil—keeping clothes from staying in landfills and becoming polluters. Check out the Mana Threads biodegradable collection  and find out more about the brand here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet and Vermont Mountain Bike Association.

Running for Real

Founded by Tina Muir

"I promise you that I will be real with you, even if it means showing weakness or vulnerability. I may have run fast, but I am not as different to you as you might think."”


Tina Muir was born and raised in Saint Albans, England, where she found herself hiding in the bathroom to avoid cross-country tryouts as a child. Pushed onto the team for her natural talent and competitive spirit, Tina fell in love with the sport. Despite her reluctant start, Tina would go on to run for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the World Half Marathon Championships, and become a well-known elite runner.

In 2017 though, Tina realized that running was no longer bringing her the joy it once was. She noticed changes in her body and mindset, and knew she had to make a drastic change. Tina is open about her struggles with an eating disorder and a nine year loss of her period. In fact, she used these struggles to fuel her. She decided to quit running cold-turkey for ten weeks and focus on getting her body and mind back on track. After that ten weeks, not only did she get her period back and begin feeling like herself again, she also realized she was pregnant. Tina still runs today, but with a platform of empowering women to focus on their body and mind.

She started her website and business, Running for Real, for this very reason. On it, you will find training plans, podcasts, and her book dedicated to helping women get their lost periods back. Check out her work and initiatives here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet

Beauty Heroes

Founded by Jeannie Jarnot

"We are helping our community discover ways they can live lighter on the planet without sacrifice through lifestyle products and tools that are effective and create less, or zero, waste."”


After working in the Spa industry and being struck by the ingredients used in conventional beauty and personal care products, Jeannie Jarnot decided to take action and start her own company that would connect people with non-toxic and earth-friendly products.

One of the biggest values that Jeannie brought to Beauty Heroes was the idea that less is more. She came out with a subscription box that disrupted the traditional subscription box business model by only sending people one full-sized product and a few sidekick items. Products sent out and sold by Beauty Heroes go through an intense vetting process to ensure that only the best clean beauty products are offered. Jeannie also has a “Blue Beauty” standard, which means that brands must be contributing back to the environment in a significant way.

Because of their high standards for clean beauty, Beauty Heroes has caused brands to change their ingredients and create safer and more conscious beauty products. Find out more on the mission and brand standards here.

Nonprofit Partners:

1% for the Planet