Explore: the ultimate 1% for the Planet packing list


Our network is packed with brands on a mission to not only protect the future of our planet, but also to provide their customers with long-lasting, high-quality products.

As advocates of all 1% for the Planet members and adventurers at heart, our staff has put many of these products to the test. Whether we’re hiking and skiing in our headquartered state of Vermont, surfing in southern California, mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest or traveling around the globe, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite member products that are a must on your next adventure’s packing list.

As you know, 1% for the Planet members’ give back a lot to our planet—so by supporting these companies you’re also protecting the very place you’re exploring.

Patagonia: PacK YOUR BAGS

As our founding member, it’s no wonder that Patagonia ranks highly on our travel packing list. They’re a true leader in the environmental sector and the quality of their gear is unrivaled. When you’re gearing up for your next adventure, we suggest you start by packing a Patagonia travel bag.

Whether you’re getting ready for a big trip around the globe or a hike through the park down the road, we can assure you that Patagonia has a bag for that adventure and the next (and the next)—as these bags were built to last. Most recently, you could find the 1% for the Planet staff with the Black Hole 100L bag, lugging around stickers, cameras, banners, tripods, and a photobooth backdrop across country to Portland, Oregon for our annual Global Summit event.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Throughout 1% for the Planet’s history, Patagonia has given back millions of dollars to environmental nonprofits around the world. Here are just a few Patagonia supported this year: GreenWave, Surfers Against Sewage, London Waterkeeper, California Coastkeeper Alliance, Conservation Alliance, Grand Staircase Escalante Partners, The Carbon Literacy Trust, STOPPP, Mountain Wilderness Switzerland, Leave It In The Ground Initiative, Heal the Bay and so many more!

TENTSILE: CamPing With a Cause

Tentsile’s Tree Tents are truly one of a kind—and their commitment to trees and reforestation is no different. As a part of their #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign, Tentsile aims to plant 1 million trees over the next five years. How will they do it? Well, for every tent sold, Tentsile makes a donation to plant 20 trees. This April, they officially reached their halfway mark of planting 500,000 trees and are well on their way to 1 million.

These tree tents are some of the world’s most versatile tents, as they are made to be suspended in the trees—but can also be used on the ground like a regular tent. Tentsile tents can be found around the world. If you’re still looking for a place to stay, we highly recommend finding a Tentsile Experience Camp near your next destination.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Through their 1% for the Planet membership, Tentsile partners with WeForest and The Edens Projects. These environmental nonprofits focus on issues that align with Tentsile’s values and a cause that’s incredibly important to their brand: trees.

LARQ: Drink Clean Water, Give Clean Water

LARQ water bottles are made for wherever you need clean water—(so everywhere). Whether at the gym, at your desk, or on your next long thru-hike, these water bottles are self-purifying and completely blew us away. Using UV-C LED technology, LARQ bottles eliminate 99.99% of all harmful bacteria, protozoa and germs from the water (oh, and odor-causing bacteria too so this reusable bottle doesn’t stink).

LARQ isn’t just eliminating bacteria from your water and plastic from landfills, they firmly believe that clean water is a right, not a privilege. Through their commitment to 1% for the Planet, they aim to bring safe drinking water to billions and create a thriving environment for generations to come. You can learn more about why LARQ decided to join 1% for the Planet here!

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

It’s no surprise that LARQ values clean water. So when matching LARQ with their 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners, our staff hand selected environmental organizations that support two critical issue areas: water and pollution. This year, LARQ supported the following nonprofits: River Network, Surfrider Foundation, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Recycle Across America, PLAN: The Post-Landfill Action Network, Made Safe and the Rozalia Project.

THIRD EYE HEADLAMPS: Outdoor Enlightenment

Third Eye Headlamps is a relatively new 1% for the Planet member and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them into our network. These unique flashlights were made for adventurers by an avid outdoorsman with adventure and style in mind.

“We want our customers to use our headlamps while they climb mountains and explore rainforests, just as much as we want to help them find that delicious small batch bottle of whiskey and guitar in a dark campground on a weekend away from it all.” - Sean Anderson, owner & founder of Third Eye Headlamps

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Third Eye Headlamps currently supports 1% for the Planet and looks forward to supporting more organizations in the future dedicated to protecting the outdoors and our ability to explore them.

SHEL: STYLE MAde REsponsibly

If you’re looking for a new hat or tote bag to bring along on your next vacation, SHEL’s products are a great place to start. Each SHEL product is responsibly made in the U.S. and designed from recycled materials, including textiles woven from plastic water bottles. In doing so, SHEL aims to reduce their carbon footprint, ensure fair wages and eliminate plastic waste.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

SHEL’s support helps grow 1% for the Planet—knowing that for every dollar given to our organization helps to certify $10 more in environmental giving. They’re currently working with their 1% for the Planet membership manager to find their next nonprofit partner that aligns with their mission!

SENSI GRAVES BIKINIS: Designed with Adventure in Mind

As a professional kiteboarder, Sensi Graves explores a lot. Her company, Sensi Graves Bikinis was built out of the necessity for a bikini that could keep up. After losing one too many string bikinis in the water, Sensi created her own bikini line with three goals in mind: create an awesome product, empower women in sports and protect our environment.

“We design swimwear that’s made to work, whether you're tow-surfing at Jaws or sup-ing down the river. Going into our 8th year in business, our products have continued to develop and improve but we’ve always stuck by our core mission: to design swimwear that’s both fiercely functional and fabulously feminine.” - Sensi Graves

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Sensi Graves Bikinis were made to keep women fully supported and our water and land clean. Through 1% for the Planet, Sensi Graves Bikinis supports nonprofits like Columbia Riverkeeper and Rocky Mountain Wild.


JELT: A BElt MAde For Change

How do you make a tangible impact on our world? Create a product that everyone needs—and, simultaneously promotes and encourages social change. That’s exactly what Jen Perry did when she founded Jelt as a social enterprise.

The Jelt Belt is a retro-inspired, multi-functional belt for everyday (or every adventure) needs. Every belt consists of super strong elastic, made from recycled plastic bottles. The incredibly functional design of this belt is almost as impressive as is the many ways it gives back.

As a 1% for the Planet member, Jelt donates $1 for every belt sold to local environmental organizations. However, their social initiatives don’t stop there. In 2016, Jelt moved all manufacturing from China back to their home state of Montana. Now, every belt is manufactured by women in rural areas of the state or at the women’s prison in Billings, Montana as a part of the Montana Correctional Enterprise Program. Through this program, Jelt interviews, trains and pays female prisoners in an effort to break the cycle of incarceration and support women in their community.

The Jelt Belt provides sustainable solutions for plastic waste, donates profits to support our environment and empowers women. In this way, wearing a Jelt Belt is far more than a sustainable way to keep your pants up, it’s a badge for social change.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Jelt cares deeply about land conservation, climate change and protecting the places we explore. That’s why they support local environmental nonprofits doing important work in their own backyard, such as Yellowstone Forever, Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Conservation Colorado.

THOUSAND: Protect your Head and the Planet

Biking around your city, mopeding in a new country or cycling across the country—you name it. You’re gonna love the Thousand helmet. But, Thousand represents so much more than a stylish bike helmet. This company is on a mission to connect people to their communities by breaking down the barriers to biking.

As a new company, Thousand understands the importance of sustainable, low-impact business practices which they’ve built into their supply chain and the manufacturing of their helmets. In addition to their Carbon Offset Program, Thousand joined 1% for the Planet as a way to give back and ensure that their high-quality gear supports the environment.

In 2019, Thousand launched the “Thousand Gives” campaign which allowed all employees to direct $1,000 to the 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner of their choice. For Thousand, this campaign was great way for employees to learn more about their team, bring everyone together and instill environmental values into their own lives.

“Our 1% commitment helps each of our team members build a tangible connection between Thousand’s company values and the causes each person cares cares about.” — Gloria Hwang, Co-founder of Thousand.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

It’s clear that Thousand values the power of community and aims to protect our planet through partnering with organizations that support climate change solutions. These values are reflected in the nonprofit partners selected by their employees and through our partnership advising program: 350.org, CicLAvia, The Honeybee Conservancy, Monterey Bay Aquarium, National Forest Foundation, Protect Our Winters, World Bicycle Relief, Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs, Azulita Project, Climate Ride and Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition.


ENO: Hang Out, GiVe Back

ENO was founded in the true spirit of adventure: literally driving around the country selling hammocks out of a ramshackle minivan at music festivals and community gatherings. Despite being an industry leader today, their mission has never changed: to sell the world’s most comfortable hammock and preserve and protect our public lands.

For every hammock sold, ENO plants at least two trees through their partnership with Trees for the Future. However, their environmental stewardship doesn’t stop there. ENO recently released their Special Edition DoubleNest Hammocks—aka the Giving Back Hammocks. When you purchase a Giving Back Hammock, a portion of your purchase goes directly to the associated environmental organization to help preserve, protect and manage our public lands. Learn more about this exciting initiative to help teach everyone to explore outdoors responsibly here!

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

ENO strives to be an invested member of the local and global community. As a 1% for the Planet member, they achieve this goal by supporting these incredible nonprofit partners that help preserve public lands and our environment: Compass Green, Big City Mountaineers, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Trees for the Future, National Park Foundation, European Outdoor Conservation Association, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, Waterkeeper Alliance, Blue Sky Fund, North Cascades Institute and Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

UV Protection: SOLAr POwered, Sun Safe

Located in Malibu, California, founders Jeff and Josie Kletter were inspired by the unique challenge of living in such a beautiful place: sun, sand and surf on the skin on a daily basis. With this challenge, they saw the need for powerful UV protection to protect the skin and environmentally friendly products to protect the planet. The result? sunscreen and UV apparel. All products, from sunscreens to their line of UV apparel, are produced using sustainable solar power and use recyclable packaging.

The team is no stranger to the power of Mother Nature and the role climate change plays in increasing dangerous natural disasters. Just last year, over 600 homes were destroyed in Malibu by the wildfires in southern California. In an effort to help those affected, provided over 300 shirts to those who needed clothing. As a 1% for the Planet member, it’s clear that this organization will go above and beyond to protect what they love: people and the planet.

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Through their annual membership dues, supports 1% for the Planet. Additionally, has given back to WildAid as a part of their Endangered Species initiative, spearheaded by co-founder, Jeff Kletter's 11-year-old daughter.


 Photo Credit: Raja Iliya Photo Credit: Raja Iliya


SUNSKI: shades for a brighter future

No matter the adventure, you don’t want to forget to pack your sunglasses. We couldn’t agree more when Sunski says, “you deserve great sunglasses that make it fun to be outside.” But, we’ll take it a step further and say you deserve great sunglasses that make it fun to be outside and protect the outdoors.

As a company that joined 1% for the Planet before they sold a single pair of sunglasses, their sustainability initiative truly sets them apart. Their sunglasses are made with recycled plastic frames—their SuperLight frames are stronger, lighter, sourced locally and saved from the U.S. landfill. They refuse single-use plastic in their packaging. In fact, they don’t use plastic at all. And, each pair of glasses comes with a lifetime warranty to avoid ending up in the landfill. Oh, and did we mention they’ve given back $150,000 to the environment?

1% for the Planet Nonprofit Partner Support:

Sustainability has been a part of Sunski’s DNA since day 1. Through their 1% for the Planet membership, they work to combat issues involving water, land, pollution and climate change by partnering with the following nonprofits: City Surf Project, Adventure Scientists, Save the Waves, Leave No Trace and San Francisco Baykeeper.

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