Member Spotlight: Maine Beer Company



Maine Beer Company is doing what's right.

We often say that everyone has a 1%, as we strive to make environmental giving accessible for all. For instance, did you know that members can join on their very first day of business? 

Take Maine Beer Company who joined their founding year in 2009—giving just $100 to meet their 1% for the Planet commitment.

Maine Beer Company building pictured from the outside Photo by Maine Beer Company

Fast forward 10 years later: Maine Beer Company gave over $160,000 in 2019 alone. To date, this family-owned brewery has given nearly $650,000 to numerous nonprofit partners—a stark contrast to the $100 check they wrote in 2009.

Founders Dan and Dave Kleban set out to prove that you can run a successful business while also caring for people and the planet. They were drawn to 1% for the Planet, knowing the organization provides accountability and a meaningful way to give back.

Today, Maine Beer Company’s culture and community is centered around their giving; they understand the interconnectedness of environmental issues and its impact on business. Fact: you can’t have good beer without good water.


founders of Maine Beer Company in their brewing roomBrothers Dan and Dave Kleban | Photo by Maine Beer Company

Recognizing the importance of local impact, in 2019, Maine Beer Company funded a solar energy project for Wolfe Neck’s Center that will save the Maine-based nonprofit about $20,000 a year in electricity costs. But, the brewery isn’t just committed to their monetary donations, they’re creative with their giving, too.

100% of staff tips at the taproom are donated to environmental nonprofits as part of their membership. But don’t worry, they ensure their staff is well compensated and engaged in their give-back strategy. Monthly, staff members nominate their choice of 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner to receive a donation. A committee of staff members then vote on the submissions and select a nonprofit to receive the scholarship.


Maine Beer Company team posing for a photo under the 1% for the Planet logo on their taproom wallPhoto by Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company recognizes that giving can be so much more than a financial transaction, noting the relationships, community and hands-on involvement as what makes their giving so special. Just ask the brewery’s marketing and events manager, Anne Marisic. 

Anne plays a pivotal role in encouraging her community to “Do what’s right” and keeping employees and partners engaged. As a 1% for the Planet individual member, she says the community is her favorite part—both finding other business and individual members and growing a community through Maine Beer’s partnerships.

“When people say there is no way they could give as much as Maine Beer Company, I remind them that you give what you have. And that’s the whole point of 1% for the Planet. If every person and business can give what they are able—money and/or volunteer time—we can really make a dent. Even if it might seem like a small amount, it compounds. At Maine Beer Company, we measure our success by how much we’re able to give back each year, and that’s the most exciting and meaningful way to benchmark.”