Introducing the 1% for the Planet Giving Circle


Introducing the 1% for the Planet Giving Circle


At 1% for the Planet, our goal is to grow environmental philanthropy to meet the challenges facing our planet. That's why we created the first-ever 1% for the Planet Individual Member Giving Circle. In the new program, 15 members convened and participated in five one-hour virtual sessions. They started by deciding on shared values and ended by pooling their dollars to support an environmental justice organization. 



An opportunity for members to collaborate & inspire

Thanks to the incredible resources provided by Philanthropy Together, an organization growing the Giving Circle movement, and Grapevine, a platform for Giving Circles, we were well poised to do the work. Each of the five sessions was set up to help members decide where to make their collective donation and expand their knowledge of environmental justice issues while learning about philanthropic best practices. It is also our goal that members call upon these practices in their personal giving.



Collective giving from a place of trust, humility and transparency

In the first session, members got to know each other and discussed the personal values they bring to their giving. Then, a democratic process was used to establish a set of four shared values. These values were brought to each Giving Circle session—informing discussions and ultimately their collective donation. Together they chose: accountability, community, equity and results.

As members engaged their values throughout the process, they also learned about Trust-Based Philanthropy. This brought a deeper understanding of the inherent power imbalance between traditional funders and nonprofits, which helped the group approach their collective giving from a place of trust, humility and transparency.



Funding justice and energy independence

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 1.46.01 PM

Photo by Red Cloud Renewable Energy

The 1% for the Planet Individual Member Giving Circle officially made a grant of $1,775 to support the general operations of Red Cloud Renewable, whose mission is to assist tribal members and communities to move toward energy independence through renewable energy and sustainable living projects and training.


We are excited for the next iteration of the 1% for the Planet Individual Member Giving Circle. If you’re interested to learn more or participate, please email and visit our website to learn more about individual membership opportunities


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