Businesses Fighting Plastic Pollution

091101_PED_AW_BaliCleanup_Bali_Original (1)Photo by 4Ocean that shows one of their ocean cleanup crews.


"Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally. The United States recycles just 9 percent of all its plastic trash. "

National Geographic 


It is estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean.

With production increasing at an exponential rate, plastic pollution has quickly become one of the most pressing environmental issues today. Production has increased from 2.3 million tons in 1950 to 448 million tons in 2015 with production expected to double by 2050.  

Plastic Free July is an initiative started by the Plastic Free Foundation with the goal of encouraging individuals to be conscious of their plastic use and work toward reducing or eliminating it all together. The challenge has inspired people to take action around the globe. The movement has inspired 250 million participants in 177 countries hosting events and making changes in their own lives to move toward a plastic free lifestyle.

But, many 1% for the Planet business members make plastic-free part of their business model—making reusable, everyday products that eliminate the need for single-use plastic purchases. Here are just a few: 



Businesses Fighting Plastic Pollution

To celebrate Plastic Free July, we are featuring some of our business members who are working towards a plastic free future by providing products that people can use to replace traditional single-use plastic products or by giving plastic a second life by recycling it into something new. We are proud that business members in the 1% for the Planet network are constantly striving to eliminate plastic wherever possible and helping other in doing so as well. These businesses acknowledge the importance and urgency of the issue and are taking steps to help end plastic pollution.




Companies such as Klean Kanteen, Miir, Mizu, Eco Vessel, LARQ and Stojo make fantastic reusable bottles, cups and tumblers to replace single use plastic bottles.

Klean Kanteen makes a variety of insulated and uninsulated stainless steel bottles,  cups, and tumblers to replace all single use drinks.

Miir offers design forward stainless steel drinkware designed for water, beer, coffee and wine so you can bring any drink anywhere.

Mizu creates reusable bottles and tumblers study enough to take on any adventure.

Eco Vessel is a Colorado based company creating insulated drinkware with high tech design features for any drink so you can ensure they stay at the right temperature anywhere you take them.

LARQ makes insulated water bottles that use digital purification to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

Stojo is a company that creates reusable, collapsible coffee cups, and bottles to prevent the use of single-use plastics.




Brands such as Stasher, Khala & Co, The Final Co, ChicoBag & To-Go Ware, and Steel Straw are all working to eliminate single use plastic in the food storage space by providing reusable options for your kitchen.

Khala & Co creates beeswax and vegan food wraps in all different shapes and sizes to encourage zero waste food storage and transportation.

The Final Co makes reusable collapsible straws and utensils on a keychain to replace single use plastics while on the go.

ChicoBag designs reusable shopping bags, utensils, produce bags, snack bags and food containers to make food shopping and storage zero waste. They also make rePETe backpacks and bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Steel Straw is a Los Angeles based company making stainless steel straws in a variety of different styles and colors.

Bambu is a company creating sustainable kitchenware out of bamboo such as cutting boards, serving trays, cooking and serving utensils, as well as compostable single-use dinnerware.  

Strawai'i creates bamboo straws with material grown and crafted in Hawai’i; their giveback focuses on reduction of invasive species to Hawai’i, as bamboo is an invasive species to the islands.

KeepCup designs reusable coffee cups in a wide range of sizes and materials to fit your needs.




Dook makes plastic free 100% compostable dog poop bags and offers a subscription service.

Nomadix produces versatile towels made using post consumer recycled plastic and they also do not ship/package towels in individual bags.

Full Windsor is an outdoor accessories brand that makes titanium tools for camp cooking as well as multi tool packs.

natracare is a company that makes plastic-free, all natural and organic feminine products.

MamaP makes bamboo toothbrushes to eliminate the need to use and throw away plastic toothbrushes-- they can easily be composted or recycled and come in plastic free compostable packaging.

Fill Refill Co. is a UK based range of refillable, plastic-free eco laundry and household cleaning products.

Rumpl makes puffy sleeping bag-like blankets and ponchos out of 100% recycled plastic bottles that can be used anywhere.

DOM’S Deodorant makes plastic-free natural, organic deodorants.

EarthBreeze makes plastic free laundry detergent compressed into eco friendly sheets and packaged in biodegradable cardboard.  

4Ocean sells recycled plastic bracelets and for each one purchased, crews collect a pound of plastic from oceans around the world.

Plaine Products offers home and body care products in refillable bottles that can be returned for refills and sent back to you. Users can subscribe to receive regular refills, or use the service as needed. 

Mondays believes that periods should be completely plastic-free. That's why they created all organic, plastic-free period products—to make periods better for the planet and women everywhere. 




Plastic Pollution Solutions is a South Carolina based consulting firm focusing on reducing plastic use that works with several other 1% members.

Attainable is a sustainability consulting company located in California based around the 1-million disposable bottle pledge that assists individuals in making more sustainable choices and building an action oriented network. .  

Waste-Free Earth is a Vermont based and women-owned sustainable consulting firm that helps build zero-waste strategies for events and businesses.