Business Member Changemaker of 2019: Peak Design

People for the Planet Awards Business Member Changemaker of 2019: Peak Design


This year, we are proud to announce the recipient of our Business Member Changemaker award: Peak Design! Peak Design co-created Climate Neutral, a nonprofit helping businesses reach and certify carbon neutrality. Taking responsibility for their own impact is an accomplishment on its own, but Peak Design takes climate action a step further by striving to make carbon neutrality an expectation for all modern businesses.


Peak Design launched in 2011 when founder Peter Dering kicked things off with the “thingy-dingy” (now aptly named Capture), a camera accessory inspired by an adventure around the world. Today, Peak design is recognized as the “leaders in carry,” earning the title with each relentlessly improved product—from camera bags to day packs. With a work culture they compare to a “preschool arts and crafts table,” Peak Design’s philosophy about design is truly one of a kind. As a longstanding 1% for the Planet member, their commitment to innovation stems beyond the lens of business as they focus on supporting environmental solutions and creating their own.  


In 2019, Peak Design teamed up with BioLite to co-found Climate Neutral, a nonprofit organization that directly addresses the issue of corporate carbon responsibility. Climate Neutral educates consumers and empowers companies to measure and offset their carbon impact. To make this project possible, Peak Design helped by financially supporting a staff of five full-time employees, supplying the creative direction for the brand development and hiring a PR agency to spread the word. 

Peak Design’s crowdfunding on Kickstarter drove 160M+ media impressions and attracted 2,400+ people to donate $160,000+ to offset their personal carbon footprint and support Climate Neutral. By the end of 2019, more than 100 companies joined Climate Neutral to measure, reduce and offset the totality of their corporate carbon footprints. 



Peak Design strives for global recognition of the Climate Neutral seal in an effort to make carbon neutral the new normal for businesses and to empower consumers everywhere. From joining 1% for the Planet in 2016 to founding a new environmental nonprofit in 2019, Peak Design continues to prove that their commitment to the environment is embedded in their business—and everything they do.


The Climate Neutral label is something for consumers to look for in their favorite brands, knowing that company offsets their environmental impact. The two founding organizations, Peak Design and BioLite, believe that becoming carbon neutral should be an expectation for modern businesses. Proving to be both surprisingly easy and affordable, Climate Neutral strives to show more businesses the means and incentives to go neutral. 

Businesses making positive change creates a ripple effect that inspires others to do the same. Peak Design has not only inspired others, but created a streamlined way for businesses to take action and become Climate Neutral Certified. When we change for the better, our planet does too.