The product level of membership provides a way for a more diverse set of companies to participate in the 1% for the Planet network while expanding reach, visibility, impact and value for all—including nonprofits—through increased giving. Here are the essentials for product line membership:

Logo usage:

  • Logo use is restricted to the products and marketing materials specifically associated with participating products and lines. Any use of the logo outside of this specific use is not allowed.
  • Logo use must be approved by 1% for the Planet at the outset of membership and when any new uses arise.

A substantive and clear commitment:

  • Products/Lines must represent a high level of commitment that is in the spirit of the 1% of sales revenue bar met by full-company- and brand-level members, for example, an established or significant product line within the brand portfolio.
  • Products/Lines should have an easily identifiable sustainability commitment in the product itself (e.g. packaging, recycled materials, give back or other eco-friendly investment).
  • Certified giving should be a minimum of $25,000 (USD).
  • Products/Lines should be immediately clear and distinct to consumers. Examples include:
    • Specific line of products
    • E-commerce sales vs. wholesale sales
    • Co-branded products
    • Flavors, colors, slight variations of other products are NOT deemed to be differentiated enough. (For example, a green rain jacket vs. other colors.)
    • Short-term, time-limited commitments must be approved by leadership and have a required giving level of $50,000

Other details:

  • Product or product line must have a separate P&L. Details for how members will report revenue should be shared before membership is confirmed.
  • Existing product line members that do not meet the giving threshold will be grandfathered in, but must move into compliance with all other parameters relative to clarity of product/line, use of logo, etc.