UK & Ireland Steering Committee: Fashion2030

Did you know that one truckload of textiles goes to the landfill or is burned every second? Or that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than the airline and shipping industries combined! And it is estimated only 2% of garment workers are paid a living wage.

So how the fashion industry is poised to change this decade?

We have all contributed to these issues. But it is not all doom and gloom. On June 24, 2021, the 1% for the Planet UK & Ireland Steering Committee organized this event to discuss some of the material issues impacting the fashion industry and the various stakeholder pressures setting the stage for one of the biggest shifts the industry has seen in decades.

Brands, consumers, policymakers are all converging to leverage opportunities to create benefits to the economy, society, and the environment. We will consider the cross-border implications of the fashion industry and actions we can take as businesses, as citizens, and as a consumer towards making the industry more socially and environmentally sustainable.

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Kelly Drennan, Founding Executive Director, Fashion Takes Action (a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner)

Jennifer Georgeson, CEO and Founder, So Just Shop


Niyati Gupta, Consultant, Re_Set


Christopher Ramsay, Founder, Pelican Founders

Thank You:

Huge thank you to the speakers and the UK & Ireland Steering Committee:

Niyati Gupta, Re_Set Advisory

Christopher Ramsay, Pelican Founders

Madelyn Postman, Grain Sustainability

Fred Clark,  MOJU

Harry Lyon-Smith, Illustration X

Christopher Ramsay, Pelican Founders