On this episode of Our Planet Talks, Kristina talks with Simon Doble of SolarBuddy. Simon helps us understand what energy poverty is, whom it impacts, and how SolarBuddy is harnessing the power of people and ingenuity to make an impact. He also provides the audience with simple steps and inspiration to create their own positive impact. 

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About our guest

Simon Doble


Simon Doble

Founder and Global CEO, SolarBuddy

Simon is the Founder and Global CEO of SolarBuddy, a social impact organisation uniting a global community to gift six million solar lights to children living in energy poverty to enable them to study after dusk and
improve their educational outcomes.

He is also CEO of Barefoot Citizens Consulting, committed to creating, building, and investing in socially responsible businesses.

Driven by passion, dedication and empathy, Simon combines his unique skillset to improve the lives of millions living in extreme energy poverty.

As a father, he is determined that every child has access to education that enables them to determine their own futures and maybe, even change the world.