Incorporate our logo into your brand

Leverage our logo

As an Environmental Partner of 1% for the Planet, you have many options for integrating our logo into your brand and communications.

While we ask our Environmental Partners to adhere to our brand guidelines and ensure honest use of our logo, we are continuously inspired by the creativity of our Environmental Partners and how and where our logo shows up. Get inspired by these ideas and examples for integrating the 1% for the Planet logo. 


Example of 1% for the Planet logo used on the School Garden Network donation page

School Garden Network Donate Page


Logo feature: 

Place the 1% for the Planet logo at the header, footer, or other sections of your website. Link through the logo so supporters can easily learn more about 1% for the Planet. Check out the footer of Reef-World Foundations’ site for inspiration.  

Blog post: 

Write a blog post to celebrate your partnership with 1% for the Planet! Blog posts are a wonderful way to share the 1% partnership with your network and increase your chances of future funding. This is also a great way to thank long-time supporting members. See how the Intervale Center, Coombs Outdoors and the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council highlighted 1% for the Planet on their blogs. 

Use the below sample announcement to help get you started. We encourage you to personalize this message to be true to your brand and core values! Feel free to use images from our general or issue area photo packs.


We are pleased to announce Environmental Partner NAME has joined 1% for the Planet as an Environmental Partner! This partnership is intended to advance our impact as well as involve more businesses and individuals in the environmental movement. 

[Insert language about 1% for the Planet. See latest here.]

“The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems,” writes Yvon Chouinard, co-founder of 1% for the Planet.

Learn more by viewing Environmental Partner NAME’s profile here (link directory page).


Supporting partners shoutout: 

Inform current and prospective corporate partners about your partnership with 1% for the Planet! Check out 5 Gyres supporting members' pages to see how they engage businesses with 1% for the Planet.

Donation page feature: 

Include the 1% logo on your “Donate” page so your supporters know you are a certifiable Environmental Partner! Sharing our logo also informs supporters about 1% for the Planet membership opportunities. Check out Alberta Tomorrow’s write-up about 1% for the Planet at the bottom of their site. 

Dedicated webpage:

Consider creating a dedicated 1% for the Planet page to showcase your status as an approved Environmental Partner as well as your partnerships. See how Tree Sisters makes their 1% partnership known. 

Communications and collateral:

Highlight your 1% for the Planet partnership and your stories in your email signature, newsletters, press releases, presentations, end-of-year reports, social media channels and other correspondence.

For guidance on social media and storytelling strategy, be sure to check out the "Tell your story" section of this toolkit.