How do we join 1% for the Planet?
Joining is easy. When you are ready, complete our non-binding join form. Once we have your responses, a business membership specialist will be in touch via email with next steps. Those next steps include reviewing and signing a membership agreement, which outlines the commitment that you make as a member, and paying annual membership dues.
How quickly can we join?
We are happy to work with you to join at any point in your fiscal year. Once you complete the join form, it may take a few business days for our team to begin and complete your onboarding process, especially during busier times of the year. Often we are able to onboard new business members in a matter of a few days. We appreciate your patience!
Are there membership dues?
Each year, 1% for the Planet members pay annual membership dues, which count toward their total 1% for the Planet giving commitment in addition to any donations they make to our approved Environmental Partners to meet their commitment. Membership dues are not distributed to our nonprofit partners. This money supports our work to provide value to you as a member and to further grow the global movement. Membership dues are also scaled according to total revenue each year.
How much are membership dues?
How do you certify member giving?

Each fiscal year, our staff supports members in the annual certification of your 1% commitment. During the certification period, businesses confirm total revenue by providing proof of revenue documentation (a tax document, letter from an accountant, or bookkeeping report) and documentation of donations (copies of donation receipts and/or signed acknowledgment letters from nonprofit partners) to approved Environmental Partners. These documents are submitted via an online member portal each year and reviewed by our staff to confirm that 1% of total revenue was donated.

Important! Continued membership is contingent on completing this annual process and submitting these documents, along with renewing membership dues for subsequent years of membership.

What do you mean by revenue?

The 1% commitment is based on your actual earned revenue each year. For most businesses that is their gross revenue. However, as described in the membership agreement, we do account for returns, discounts, and allowances, such that the 1% commitment is based on your real, earned revenue. For most US businesses this is Part I, line 3 of their Schedule C.

We also exempt clear pass through costs from the revenue calculation. For example, a marketing agency that places paid ads on their clients behalf; the client reimburses the agency, but that reimbursement may show up part of their gross revenue, even though it’s not actually part of the compensation received from the client, it’s a reimbursement and therefore not a part of earned revenue.

Are donations tax deductible?

We recommend confirming this with your accountant or tax advisor in your country of residence prior to making a donation. For US-based members: 1% for the Planet membership dues and donations made directly to 1% for the Planet are tax deductible.

How can we connect with other businesses and or nonprofits in the 1% for the Planet network?

The 1% for the Planet network is a great means of creating partnerships. Whether it is connecting businesses with the best nonprofits or enabling members to work together, we are always ready to help facilitate these kinds of relationships. In addition to direct connections, we regularly host events that allow for face-to-face networking as well as additional virtual opportunities.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are slowly working our way back to in-person events! At this time, please consider joining us online for our virtual events.

We're a very private company. Do I need to tell you how much money my company made?

To complete certification and fulfill membership requirements, we require that members provide proof of revenue as well as proof of donation(s). Our standard membership agreement includes confidentiality clauses and privacy protection.

If I have a business member question, who should I contact?

Please send inquiries to if you are a potential new member contemplating joining the network. If you are a current member, please reach out to your assigned account manager, or

How do I sign up for your emails?

If you like exciting news, inspiring stories and learning how to protect our planet, click here to sign up for our monthly newsletters.

Nonprofits + Giving Back FAQ’s

How do we choose a nonprofit partner?
Members choose which nonprofits to support using our nonprofit network directory and network map. Members can also use our blog posts or seek recommendations from their account manager. Members can have one or multiple nonprofit partners, and they can change their partners as often as they need. Your business will remain in control of where your money goes and when donations are made. We’re here to support you in these efforts. If you are already supporting a nonprofit organization in our network, you can continue to support them as part of your 1% for the Planet membership. For members looking for an easy, yet impactful, way to give back, we also provide an all-in-one donation option via the Planet Impact Fund, which combines impact investments and grants to drive positive change for our planet and future generations.
How do I donate to nonprofits in the network as a member?
Direct giving is at our core as an organization. As a member, you will submit a donation to your chosen organization directly (e.g. via their website or by mailing a check). Then you submit the donation receipt to us for certification, which you can do via the member portal.
What if I want to support a nonprofit that is not in the 1% for the Planet network?

A nonprofit must meet these guidelines for donations to their organization to count towards your 1% commitment. If they meet these guidelines, you are able to recommend them to the network via your member portal. After they have been recommended, our nonprofit team will send them an application to apply to our network. Your account manager will notify you once an organization who you recommended is accepted into our network.

You can also review our Nonprofit FAQ’s here.
How do you value in-kind donations?

Through our flexible giving policy, members have the option of using in-kind donations to meet up to 50% of their 1% commitment each year. This can be in the form of pro-bono professional services, product donations, volunteer time, and approved promotional support. 

Pro-bono professional services donated will be valued by the fair market value (what your business would normally charge for that service). 

Volunteer hours will be valued at the normal hourly rate of your employees is would they have worked those hours rather than donating their time. If you are not able to disclose this, then volunteer hours will be valued at $29.95 USD/hr per person (updated 2022). 

Product donations are also valued by their fair market value. We ask that business members submit a zeroed out invoice showing the value of the items donated.

Approved promotional support is valued at the cost of placing an ad that features your 1% for the Planet membership and/or nonprofit partnership. All ads must be approved by 1% for the Planet first to qualify for this program. 

For any non-monetary donations, we also ask for a thank you letter from the non-profit confirming the in-kind donation was received. 

As a note, 50% of your total commitment each year can be met through non-monetary donations. The other 50%  must be met through monetary donations (your membership dues count towards this monetary 50%).


Will the organizations I want to support be listed under my business member profile?

After you have completed a donation to an approved nonprofit organization in our network, you must submit the receipt to our team via your member portal for that organization to appear on your business member profile. We do not list organizations on business member profiles until support for the organization (monetary or non-monetary) has been confirmed.

Are donations tax deductible?

We recommend confirming this with your accountant or tax advisor in your country of residence prior to making a donation. For US-based members: 1% for the Planet membership dues and donations made directly to 1% for the Planet to support our organization are tax deductible.

When do I make my donations to my chosen nonprofit?

Donations can be made to your chosen nonprofit at any time during the fiscal year. Most organizations have a donation link on their website to make the donation process easier for their supporters. You also are able to donate after the close of your fiscal year if you’d prefer to know your confirmed total revenue and 1% commitment amount before donating. Members always have up to four months after the close of their fiscal year to complete their donations and submit their certification materials.

Please be sure to keep your donation receipts in a safe place until the certification period begins, or upload them directly to the member portal.


How do I calculate my 1% commitment?

At the end of your fiscal year, you will take your confirmed total revenue, and calculate 1% of that amount. (EX: $100,000 USD total revenue x .01 = $1000 USD)You can also use an estimated total revenue throughout the year if you’d like to make donations towards your commitment before the fiscal year ends.

What is certification?

Certification is the annual process we go through with all members to confirm that they have met their 1% for the Planet commitment. Businesses are required to donate the equivalent of 1% of total revenue to approved nonprofits through a combination of monetary, in-kind, volunteer, and paid promotional support.

  • Each year, at least 50% of your commitment must be made in monetary contributions to approved nonprofits. Your membership dues count towards this monetary 50%.
  • 50% of your commitment may come through non-monetary donations (volunteer time/ in-kind donations/approved promotional support).
How do I certify?
During the certification period, businesses confirm total revenue for the previous fiscal year (EX: If you began membership in 2021, you will certify your 2021 fiscal year after that fiscal year has closed) and provide documentation of donations to approved nonprofit partners. Total revenue can be reported via tax documents, a letter from an accountant, or a bookkeeping report. Donations can be reported by providing copies of donation receipts and/or signed acknowledgment letters from nonprofit partners. All documents will be submitted to 1% for the Planet each year via an online member portal.
When do I certify?

At the end of your fiscal year, your certification period will begin. After your fiscal year closes, you then have up to four months after your fiscal year closes to submit your proof of revenue, donation receipts, and pay your renewal dues for the new fiscal year. Our staff will provide reminders when your certification period has opened.

For example, if your fiscal year closes on the 31st of December (12/31) each year, you will have until April 30th (4/30) of the new fiscal year to submit these items to us via your member portal.

If we do not receive these items within the four month certification period, your membership will not remain in good standing.

What if my total revenue for the year is $0 USD or negative, how do I complete certification?

Business members are still required to submit a proof of revenue showing that no revenue was accrued for the last fiscal year to complete their certification. If your total revenue is $0 USD or less, your membership dues will fulfill your 1% commitment.

Having trouble finding the answer to your question? Contact us. Please allow us 48 hours to follow up due to the high volume of inquiries we receive.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about 1% for the Planet. We can’t grow this global movement without you!