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Nonprofit Kickstarter Campaign Highlights 17 Years of Farmer-Driven Innovation

Posted in Media Partners, Member Businesses, News, Nonprofit Partners, Supporters | by, Monday, March 17th, 2014, Tags: , , ,

If successful with its first Kickstarter campaign, the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) will be able to achieve a long-held dream. With community support, RAFI…


Government Shutdown Harms Family Farms

Posted in Nonprofit Partners | by, Monday, October 21st, 2013, Tags: , , , , , ,

Originally published on the RAFI-USA blog on October 1, 2013 . Congressional delays will likely cost at least 1,400 farmers their farms. This morning, as…


Growing Innovation and Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming

The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) and Farm Hack have just launched a collaborative Kickstarter campaign for Growing Innovation, a project to create an open…