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SERES (Social entrepreneurship, resilience and ecological sustainability)

Climate Change, Environmental Education
Conservation, Programs
San Juan del Obispo, Sacatepequez

About Us

Our mission is to create a new generation of future-makers, supporting the emergence of local leaders by educating and empowering young people to launch and lead environmentally sound programs to yield a healthy, thriving, sustainable society.
A not-for-profit organization, we seek to create impact by empowering vulnerable communities to address our most critical issues starting with the least likely source: the youth. As the voices of the future who will be left with a legacy of unresolved environmental, social and economic problems, SERES recognizes that engaging with and involving this generation is essential in the development of smart solutions that lead us towards healthy, thriving and sustainable societies.

Our current focus is on youth and young adults in Guatemala and El Salvador, where there are 15 million people – more than 60% of the population – aged under 30 years of age. Our goal is to harvest this untapped potential and use it to create positive change for good.

Contact Information

Corrina Grace

Executive Director


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