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Outdoor Journal

Environmental Education, Wildlife
Conservation, Restoration, Children
Colchester, VT
United States

About Us

Outdoor Journal is Vermont Public Television’s on-going environmental education program in its twelvth year. The program consists of broadcasting and web resources features devoted to both traditional outdoor activities and cutting-edge technologies being applied in conservation efforts throughout Vermont. The series demonstrates to viewers the value of positive uses of Vermont's outdoor recreational resources. Program content is further leveraged by application of educational outreach and community engagement resources.

Over the past 11 years, VPT has produced 77 original multi-segment episodes of Outdoor Journal, showcasing the variety of outdoor activities and high regard for nature that make Vermont special. The ever-growing number of newcomers who visit or move to Vermont increase the need to demonstrate the value of our rural lifestyles and how to preserve such environmental qualities. While many Vermonters enjoy outdoor activities, only few are fully aware of the role nat

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