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Blue Planet Life

Environmental Education
Conservation, Schools, Biodiversity
W├Ądenswil, Zurich

About Us

Our organization's mission is to create green jobs for the youth in emerging countries.

341 million young people in emerging countries were not in education, training or employment in 2010. This number is increasing. On the other side, a greener economy demands up to 60 Million new jobs.
The difficulty in emerging countries is to connect people with the job demand.
We believe that education is the key to a decent, participative and fulfilling life. Blue Planet Academy is our solution to close the gap by connecting the youth with the green job market.
Blue Planet Academies are green economy incubators for vocational training and start- up solutions. These academies offer 5 environmental apprenticeships over a period of 3 years. The program is based on the proven, cutting edge Swiss Education System, which is free of charge for students and providing a combination of theory and practice.
Altogether the Academy program generates revenue, the objective being that they finally become self

Contact Information

Urs Beck

Academy Team Leader


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