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The Nature Institute

Food, Environmental Education, Environment and Human Health, Wildlife
Organic Agriculture, Schools, Activism, Biodiversity, Children, Policy
Ghent, NY
United States

About Us

The Nature Institute works to create a new scientific and cultural paradigm that embraces nature's wisdom in shaping a healthy and sustainable future. Through interdisciplinary research, education, and communications, we develop and promote qualitative, holistic methods to more precisely observe, and so more deeply understand, nature and technologies. We emphasize the importance of context, especially the context of whole organisms as dynamic, integrated beings in a living world that itself is a dynamic whole. That is, we attend to the living web of responsive relationships that marks each whole organism’s own internal ecology as well as its interactions with the larger environment that surrounds and sustains it. Our focus on a rigorous ecological approach is counter to reductionist and mechanistic approaches, such as genetic engineering, that treat living beings as an assemblage of parts to be tinkered with. We offer education and professional development courses and publications.

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