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Anak, aide aux enfants d'Indonésie

Environmental Education
Lyon Cedex 08, Rhone-Alpes

About Us

ANAK - Aid To Indonesian Children helps children from Bali through individual sponsorships and grants to provide access to education to the poorest and to break the cycle of exclusion.
ANAK helps children up to graduation and financial autonomy, we currently support a dozen students at the University and more than 200 children from Primary to High School.
ANAK also work for a more comprehensive and informal education including a pilot project involving Waste Management in the north of the island of Bali. Waste Management is a major problem in Indonesia, most plastics and other non-biodegradable eventually be burned in the rivers , there are only very few networks for the collection and management of waste. ANAK aims to establish a comprehensive system of waste management. Awareness to change people's habits, to recycling of plastics so that the villagers are autonomous. The ultimate goal of Environmental Education is definitely to shape the next generations.

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