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Trash Free Maryland Alliance

Water, Environmental Law and Justice
Fresh Water, Environmental Justice
Accokeek, MD
United States

About Us

Trash Free Maryland Alliance is a network of organizations and businesses focused on reducing trash pollution by coordinating and informing groups around a common policy agenda.

The Alliance has a five-part legislative agenda, and works at the municipal, county, and state level to achieve these goals:

- Disposable bags: Implement a user fee on disposable plastic and paper bags, to encourage the use of reusable bags.
- Composting: Expand access to food scrap composting, to accommodate increased use of sustainable food packaging.
- Polystyrene: Implement a ban on polystyrene foam, particularly that used in food packaging (e.g., takeout containers, cups, plates)
- Enforcement: Strengthen litter enforcement laws and remove legal barriers that hinder convictions (e.g., streamline the process for ticketing those who litter from a moving vehicle)
- Beverage containers: Implement a deposit system for plastic, aluminum, and glass beverage containers to increase recycling.

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