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foundation soul surf project Bali

Water, Environmental Education
Oceans, Conservation, Children
Legian, Bali

About Us

Soul surf project Bali gives children on Bali hope for the future and gives them the chance to forget all their problems. The children from shelters and orphanages learn to conquer the best waves of the world. They get their extensive surf lessons from professionals, and have the ability to grow in the sport of surfing. Children are being helped to find a job in the major commercial surf scene on Bali, to help them with the aim of creating a better future for them.
They also learn to deal in a responsible way with their beautiful but fragile environment through our environmental program that, among others, includes beach clean ups and turtle releases . By giving the Indonesian children this knowledge and by creating a good attitude, the children will set an example for others.

Surfing for a better future for the children of Bali, and a sustainable island. That’s soul surf project Bali.

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