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Dancing Rabbit, Inc.

Climate Change, Environmental Education
Renewable Energy, Organic Agriculture, Gardening, Conservation, Restoration, Activism, Habitat, Alternative Transportation, Bicycling, Local Agriculture
Rutledge, MO
United States

About Us

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage has created one of the foremost sustainable living demonstration projects in the nation, and its growth and impact are steadily increasing. Our village of 75 residents is demonstrating the social and physical technologies that have cut our ecological impact by 90% compared to the average American. Through conservation, efficiency, re-localization, cooperation, and alternative technologies we are demonstrating that people can live rich, vibrant lives while leaving an ecological footprint that our planet can sustain.

Our model of sustainability is the springboard for our efforts at broader cultural change. Through experiential educational programs, articles, videos, and presentations we are sharing the knowledge and skills of sustainable living with the world. Everyone we reach is given hope for a sustainable future and the tools to change their lives and bring sustainability to their communities.

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