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Sudvélo / Ne Jetez Plus !

Environmental Education
Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon

About Us

Nous sommes une association sportive à vocation environnementale. Nous sensibilisons les cyclistes à respecter l'environnement en conservant leurs déchets lors des épreuves auxquelles ils participent.
- The club jersey carries a large logo with a clear and easy to understand message. Our role as cyclists is to participate in events and engage with other riders to educate them about the importance of not throwing waste on the road and into natural spaces. Every member of the club carries this message every time they ride. It is both an action and a vocation !
- Every time we participate at an event we have a stand where we actively engage with other riders. We have a range of educational devices - from a simple throwing game to winning places on a cyclosportive by answering questions about litter and eco-attitudes!

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