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Not For Sale Peru

Energy and Resource Extraction, Environment and Human Health
Gardening, Indigenous Rights, Local Agriculture
San Francisco, CA
United States

About Us

Nearly 30 million people around the globe are afflicted by the issue of modern day slavery. Not For Sale started as a grassroots movement to raise awareness around the issue of human trafficking in 2007. NFS has learned that the core of human trafficking lies in the exploitation not only of people but subsequently the environment in which they live. NFS works has four main international projects (Peru, Thailand, The Netherlands, & Romania) where we work to empower individuals.

In 2010 Not For Sale started working in Peru with an indigenous association, AFIMAD, which represents 77 communities (150,000 people) in the Peruvian Amazon to co-create community based solutions to fight human trafficking in the region. Not For Sale’s approach is holistic: focusing on the intersection of people and planet to utilize natural Amazonian resources to create global products, local jobs, reduce poverty, and increase access to social and economic opportunities.

Contact Information

Christina Hebets

Senior Director of International Project

415 297 1002

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