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Change is Simple

Environmental Education
Schools, Children, Programs
Beverly, MA
United States

About Us

The mission of Change is Simple is to instill environmental and social responsibility in our communities through environmental science and sustainability education programs. By educating individuals on the cumulative impacts of their choices, we seek to inspire, empower and motivate others to protect our future.
Our team has traveled to schools around the North Shore and Boston area. We teach hands on, interactive educational lessons on varying topics including: water conservation, energy conservation, endangered species, local foods, and more. Each of our lessons are tied to specific standards from the MA Curriculum Frameworks- we implement math, language arts, history, geography, and health standards.
Our main goal is to educate students, making them aware of the impact they have on their environment, both positive and negative, and the simple changes they can make in their daily lives to benefit the natural world.

Contact Information

Patrick Belmonte

Co-founder and COO

(978) 344-2155

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