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Toledo Institute for Development and Environment

Water, Environmental Education
Oceans, Fresh Water, Biodiversity
Punta Gorda, Toledo

About Us

TIDE’s integrated conservation approach protects a variety of habitats, and preserves the interconnections between these unique areas from ridge to reef. The Maya Mountain Marine Corridor (MMMC) in Southern Belize stretches from the peaks of the Maya Mountains to the coral reefs of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve (PHMR) and encompasses approximately 729,650 land acres and 100,000 acres at sea. It forms a significant part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and houses seven percent of the world’s biological diversity in less than .5 percent of the world’s land surface. In partnership with other NGOs and the Belizean government, TIDE strives to maintain the integrity of this important landscape while enhancing the sustainability of local peoples’ livelihoods.
At TIDE our mission is…
“To foster community participation in resource management and sustainable use of ecosystems within the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor of southern Belize for the benefit of present and future generation

Contact Information

James Lord

Development Director


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