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Earth Keepers Centre

Climate Change, Environmental Education
Oceans, Biodiversity, Policy
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About Us

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong stewardship of our natural resources by building the capacity of grassroots community groups across Eastern Africa. Our goal is to bring to our region the best sustainability and conservation ideas emerging around the world. Our work is to promote the conservation of natural resources and future sustainability of community livelihoods.

As forests disappear, land becomes infertile and water is exhausted or polluted, it is the most vulnerable poor of today, especially children and women, who suffer most. These people tend to have limited coping capacities and are dependent on climate-sensitive resources such as land, water, and food supplies. Our role as an organization is to innovate, invest and inspire in ways that create wellbeing for people and the planet.

Contact Information

Elijah Langat


+254 721 46 22 46

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