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Urban Creeks Council

Water, Land
Restoration, Access
Berkeley, CA
United States

About Us

Urban Creeks Council was founded nearly 30 years ago to show that we can preserve and restore wildness in urban settings while protecting communities from flooding, minimize damage to property from erosion, and make creeks safe, healthy, vibrant places for people and other living things. Through our on-the-ground work we seek to understand the complexities of restoring living habitats in urban environments, and to develop new tools to help us set our targets and measure our successes. UCC has completed over a dozen substantial creek restoration projects in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties since 1998; the mile-long Stanley Reach project presently underway is our largest and most ambitious project to date. In addition, UCC has taken a lead role in watershed planning and prioritization projects such as the Wildcat Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan and Zone 7 Water Agency’s Stream Management Master Plan Update.

Contact Information

Phil Stevens

Executive Director


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