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Project 90 by 2030

Climate Change
Renewable Energy, Environmental Justice, Policy
Cape Town, WC
South Africa

About Us

We envision a world that sustains humanity, where people are valued & earth systems are preserved.

We are a change-focused organisation. Our aim is to inspire and bring about significant, positive change in the way we, as humans, engage with earth systems & each other.

Our name reflects our objective of a significant (90%) change by South Africans in how we engage with earth systems.

Community Partnership Programme: Co-creates vibrant sustainable communities.
Communications: Inspires South Africans to low carbon actions through awareness creation and providing tools for actions.
Policy and Research: Researches and advocates innovative policies that fast-track the transition to a just and sustainable energy system.
Young Leaders (Leadership Clubs): Discover and nurture young South Africans to become environment conscious leaders and decision makers.
Young Leaders (YouLead Collective: Empower youth to constructively engage on issues of climate justice.

Contact Information

Olivia Andrews

Operations Coordinator

+27 (0) 21 6745094/5

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