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SkeenaWild Conservation Trust

Water, Wildlife
Conservation, Biodiversity, Fisheries
Terrace, BC

About Us

About the Skeena Watershed:
The Skeena watershed is a rare and unique ecosystem providing a range of rich habitats for plants, wildlife, and fish. People and communities throughout the region depend on salmon for food, economy, culture, and recreation. Salmon and steelhead generate $100 million + / year to the economy; bolstering sport fishing and one of Canada's largest commercial fisheries.

What We Do:
Simply put, we strive to protect and preserve all of the pieces. In a diverse region marked by competing agendas, wild salmon is a thread of shared experience that runs through our landscape. We place salmon and the watershed at the heart of all we do; for the well-being of the ecosystem, ourselves, our kids, and our future.

Our work encompasses four main pillars:
Sustainable Fisheries, Habitat Protection, Community Engagement, and Science & Research.

Your support helps Skeena wild salmon prosper!

Contact Information

Greg Knox

Executive Director


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