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Big Hole Watershed Committee

Water, Wildlife
Conservation, Restoration, Local Agriculture
Divide, MT
United States

About Us

The Big Hole Watershed Committee (BHWC) was formed in 1995 to address resource issues along the Big Hole River in Southwest Montana.

Our mission is to seek understanding and agreement among diverse interests on water use and management in the Big Hole River watershed. Our efforts fall into 4 focus areas: water quality/quantity, wildlife, land use planning, and range management.

We have a 22 member governing board comprised of local ranchers, sportsmen, outfitters & guides, concerned citizens, agencies (local, state and federal), and utilities.

Some of our current intiatives are listed as follows: stream restoration projects from historic mining & logging impacts, non-lethal predator management to ensure that local agriculture and predators can coincide on the landscape, drought planning, incentive programs for landowners who provide a conservation benefit through their actions, supporting floodplain mapping & regulations, and so much more.

Contact Information

Tana Nulph

Conservation Programs Coordinator

(406) 267-3421

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