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Himalayan Stove Project

Climate Change, Environment and Human Health
Conservation, Air Quality, Children
Taos, NM
United States

About Us

Your $150 Contribution transforms the life of a family in the High Himalayas forever, by making the change shown in the accompanying photos and video

The Himalayan Stove Project is a humanitarian & philanthropic program. It is dedicated to preserving the Himalayan environment and improving the health of people living in the trans-Himalayan region. We donate and distribute, free, clean-burning, fuel-efficient Envirofit #CleanCookStoves, transforming the lives of individuals, families and communities who now cook with traditional, rudimentary stoves, or over open fire pits inside their homes, consuming excessive amounts of precious fuel, polluting the indoor air to dangerously unhealthy levels and releasing vast amounts of black carbon into the atmosphere (which is a significant component of global warming).

We have delivered over 3,000 #CleanCookStoves and positively impacted more than 25,000 people, since 2011.

Since the devastating Earthquakes in Nepal in April and May 2015 we hav

Contact Information

George Basch

Chief Cook


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