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Environmental Education
Conservation, Biodiversity

About Us

Our mission is to help humanity realize how amazing and essential is the wild world and to make all possible action to save the last remains of virgin and unknown nature on our planet, what we usually call the "Lost Worlds", before it's too late.

For this purpose :
1/ We organize research and exploration expeditions in the most remote natural environments to improve our knowledge of biodiversity and the history of human settlement.

2/ We then share our outstanding experiences and scientific discoveries with the greatest number of people, thanks to documentary films, photographs, books, cultural exhibitions, talks, educational programs, etc. This is a great way to raise promotion, education and awareness of our amazing natural world in order to change individual and collective behavior.

3/ We finally initiate and manage - in collaboration with governments, institutions and other NGOs - local conservation programs to protect these extraordinarily rich but threatened environments.

Contact Information

Evrard Wendenbaum

President - Founder

+33 6 89 85 57 77

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