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Sustainable Napa County

Pollution, Climate Change, Energy and Resource Extraction, Water, Land, Environment and Human Health, Alternative Transportation
Renewable Energy, Conservation, Alternative Transportation, Air Quality, Efficiency and Weatherization, Local Agriculture, Mass Transportation, Policy, Programs, Recycling
Napa, CA
United States

About Us

At Sustainable Napa County, we understand that conversations about climate can be complex and even polarizing. But we believe that our climate challenges and their solutions are about people, not politics. We know that our economy and our environment are interdependent, and that taking local action to keep them both healthy is an opportunity, not a burden. Everyday we work with partners locally and around the state to find resources, tools, and information that inspire people to take action in whatever way that makes the most sense for them. We take broad policies taking shape outside of our community and translate those into practical actions and strategies that are tailored to Napa County.

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Jeri Gill



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