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Pacific Salmon Foundation

Water, Wildlife
Oceans, Habitat, Fisheries
Vancouver, BC

About Us

A non-profit devoted to wild salmon conservation in British Columbia and the Yukon. We raise money and distribute it as grants to about 300 volunteer-led community streamkeeping organizations across the province that monitor freshwater stocks, restore habitat and operate small-scale hatcheries. On average, our grants trigger an additional $7 for every $1 granted through fundraising at the local level. We also lead on watershed level management initiatives such as our Skeena Salmon Program focused on expanding baseline knowledge for all stakeholders about pressures to salmon and habitat in the Skeena Watershed. In 2013, we launched the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, a five-year $20 million effort to restore wild Coho, Chinook and Steelhead fisheries in the U.S./ Canadian waters of the Salish Sea.

Contact Information

Cory Matheson

Business Development Manager

(604) 664-7664

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