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The Wild Foundation

Land, Wildlife
Conservation, Habitat, Indigenous Rights
Boulder, CO
United States

About Us

For 40 years, The WILD Foundation has protected and connected wilderness, wildlife, and people. Our work transcends cultures and boundaries as we incubate new ideas in the service of international wilderness conservation. Working with local peoples, businesses, NGOs, the private sector, and governments we facilitate meaningful collaborations, create dynamic and practical projects, and achieve real accomplishments on some of the most pressing environmental issues.

Current projects:
The Mali Elephant Project: For just a dollar a day per elephant (1-1-1) we are working with the local population to save elephants in a region besieged by jihadists and bandits-turned-poacher.

Marine Wilderness 10+10: The WILD Foundation is removing barriers to marine conservation with this public-private partnership. MW 10+10 promotes and organizes consensus for marine wilderness. An investment in consensus is an investment in conservation.

Contact Information

Amy Lewis

Director of Partnerships Development


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