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Green Map System, Inc.

Climate Change, Alternative Transportation
Activism, Local Agriculture, Access
New York, NY
United States

About Us

Think global, map local! We're mapping new directions to a sustainable future in 65 countries.

Activating inclusive participation in sustainable community development with our globally recognized icons, adaptable engagement and mapmaking tools, we support nearly 900 locally-led Green Map projects worldwide and encourage collaboration among them. Our mission is to help each local team build leadership capacity, knowledge and networks as they identify, promote and link their city’s ecological, cultural, employment and social justice resources.

Printed, interactive and multimedia Green Maps share a worldview that’s immediate, resilient, actionable and naturally attractive to a wide range of residents, decision-makers and visitors, impacting the economy, climate and commons we all share.

Contact Information

Wendy Brawer

Founding Director

212 674 1631

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