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Island Conservation

Conservation, Biodiversity
Santa Cruz, CA
United States

About Us

Island Conservation envisions a future where our world’s most vulnerable plants, animals, island communities, economies, and ecosystems are healthy and thriving. Our focus is to prevent extinction on islands by removing invasive species. The concentration of both biodiversity and species extinction is the greatest on islands, home to one-fifth of all bird, reptile, and plant species in the world yet amazingly comprising less than 5% of the planet’s land mass. Of the 245 recorded animal extinctions since the year 1500, 80% were on islands; invasive species played a key role in over half of these extinctions. Globally, more than 1100 successful invasive vertebrate removals, from 700 islands, have helped protect 1000s of rare and vulnerable species. For our part, over the past 22 years Island Conservation and partners have deployed teams to protect 994 populations of 389 species on 52 islands globally.

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