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Quiet Use Coalition

Salida, CO
United States

About Us

We are a non-profit environmental organization working to preserve and create quiet use areas on public lands and waters, while protecting natural soundscapes and wildlife habitat.

Noise pollution is steadily increasing throughout our environment. Places of quiet are becoming more and more difficult to find in Colorado or throughout our country. Most Americans live in urban areas -- places which are far from silent. Leaving urban areas to find peace and quiet can be difficult and time-consuming and often requires traveling over long distances. Even the modes of travel used to get away from the din of urban areas can be noisy as well. Highway traffic, commercial airlines, small planes, and trains all operate within environments having relatively high noise levels.

We know that most people visit our public lands to find peace, solitude and freedom from the frustrations and distractions of modern society. The vast majority of public land visitors specifically want to experi

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