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Morihico & The Alternative

Food and Beverage
Sapporo, Hokkaido
Member since: 01/01/2014

About Us

The temperatures at north latitude of 42° in Sapporo City, Hokaido, Japan where the Winter Olympics was once held drop to minus 15° Celsius (5° Fahrenheit).
MORIHICO came to life in 1996 as a cafe in a renovated old style wooden home located in this northern country. In a city like Sapporo where convenience is the norm, it's not that often you get to warm up in a cafe with an authentic wood burning stove. It's said that the further up north you go, the roasted coffee beans become sweeter and retain that special bitterness, resulting in a wonderful cup of coffee. In 2011, we renovated a former factory and opened a cafe/restaurant and roastery called Plantation. Since then, we've grown to 4 specialty coffee stores. Once you step foot inside Plantation, you'll be greeted with a cute, orange Citroen 2cv and a huge roasting machine.

The owner and roaster, Ichikawa and his team of talented barristas are on a constant research in the pursuit of the perfect coffee. MORIHICO's coffee beans roasted fresh daily by these craftsmen along with baked goods gifts are available on line to the Japanese fans of our products.

In celebration of our joining One Percent For The Planet as a Member, we have created a new brand that specializes in organic coffee, organic baked goods and other fair trade products. The staff at MORIHICO feel very grateful that their work allows them to offer you a wonderful cup of coffee that they've prepared with much care. You can find MORIHICO on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We hope you will learn more about us through these media with a good cup of coffee in hand.

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