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Rescon Alaska

Construction & Engineering
Anchorage, AK
United States
Member since: 01/01/2014

About Us

Rescon Alaska is a full service environmental consulting company started in 2012. Rescon engineers and scientists have over 20 years of project experience working in Alaska. Rescon serves a variety of industrial and private clients as well as state and federal agencies. Our expertise includes every phase of environmental work including project management, investigations, feasibility studies, remedial design and application, construction management and performance monitoring.
Rescon employees live, work, and play in the far reaches of Alaska and understand the unique challenges it presents. We understand first-hand the term “Tougher in Alaska” and how it applies to the environmental industry. Alaska is relentless with its harsh climate conditions, logistical complexities and remote nature of the work. To succeed in this environment, we maintain a flexible approach to projects that evolves with changing working conditions and client needs. At Rescon, we carefully seek out staff with not only a sound technical knowledge, but also with the resourcefulness, strong work ethic, and just plain fortitude that is needed to successfully bring projects to closure.
The people of Rescon Alaska love where we live and the experiences we have here. It is our collective desire to help ensure that our children can be so fortunate to enjoy these exceptional Alaskan experiences in the future. With this in mind, we work every day on impacted and distressed sites to restore the land and water back to their natural states. In our line of work, we see firsthand the consequences of irresponsible extraction of Alaska’s resources. We know that it needs to be managed in a protective manner to prevent unnecessary impact to the natural environment. In order to help meet this objective, Rescon has partnered with 1% for the Planet where we commit to supporting initiatives that restore and protect Alaska for the future.

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