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The Walnut Burger

Food and Beverage
Trempealeau, WI
United States
Member since: 01/01/2014

About Us

It all started in the back of a family-run restaurant in small-town Wisconsin. Mama and Papa Jenkins cooked up a super tasty vegetarian burger and it caught the attention of both vegetarians and meat-eaters. This led to the beginning of distributing the yummy Walnut Burgers to nearby grocery stores, cooperatives, and restaurants.

The family clearly remembers the good ‘ole days: pushing out burgers with the antique wooden patty press, the infectious aroma of the burgers frying on the grill or the Walnut Balls baking in the oven. Today, the four Jenkins (Linda, Jim, and children Kestrel & Forest) are collaborating to bring the Walnut Burger to people all across the United States.

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