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Food and Beverage
Taichung, T
Member since: 11/01/2013

About Us

Eco-Cha sources small batches of handmade tea from Taiwan. All of our teas come family run farms with rich tea making traditions. Following decades of direct contact with farmers and learning the history and current trends of tea culture, we founded Eco-Cha in order to share this experience that continues to captivate us and support Taiwan’s artisan tea makers.

We primarily source Oolong Tea, but also procure the highest quality Black Tea.

We work with producers of tea whose farms, methodologies, principles, and quantities of yield remain within the capacity and capability of artisan tea making.

We have known most of our sources for many years and communicate with these artisans of tea on an ongoing basis.

Eco-Cha offers you an opportunity to understand, experience, and support the world of artisan tea culture in Taiwan.

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