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Jersey Shore Cosmetics

Health and Wellness
Flemington, NJ
United States
Member since: 10/08/2013

About Us

We at Jersey Shore Cosmetics Pledge to maintain a cruelty-free and eco-friendly policy. Our goals and objectives are to maintain and operate our company in a manner which is eco friendly and kind to the environment. We will maintain our company with an explicit commitment to environmental stewardship. Our policy is to recycle and reduce waste whenever possible and maintain a clean, green, pollution free work environment. We offer ways to for our employees and customers to give back to the communities with valuable informative links on the homepage of our web site and in our company hand book.

We pledge to maintain an explicit commitment to social impact and environmental stewardship.

We offer eco-friendly, natural & Organic, petrochemical-free, kid safe skin care products. Our organic sunscreens are top rated and recommended by The Environmental Working Group and

Nonprofits we Support

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